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Well now I’ve finally gone and done it
August 18, 2006, 2:14 am
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Nope…nothing bad. I finally bought a digital camera! I can now stop relying on the fuzzy quality of my phone’s camera!

Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

CG told me that when I sold our old tv, I could use that money to buy my digital camera. We had a serveral year old Sony Wega Trinitron 32″ flat screen, which we bought new and paid $1000 for. Since that was serveral years ago and it’s not HighDef, CG thought that I could get maybe $200 for it. Well….I wasn’t having ANY of that! I thought NO WAY!!! We paid SO much for this and have taken extremely good care of it. I’m not taking 1/4 of what we paid! There’s nothing wrong with it! So….good ol’ craigslist to the rescue!!! To tell you the truth, I’ve only been to the site twice before I actually posted an ad! I really didn’t think I’d get any bites.

Shows how much I know!

Within 20 minutes (actually, about 18) I had already gotten an email asking if the tv was still for sale and when could they come look at it! WOW! Cool!

To sum things up…..within 2 hours, I posted the ad, gotten 5 people who were interested in buying it, sold the tv, and taken the ad down.

I am a Believer in craigslist now!!! They should send me a T-shirt or something and I’d wear it everywhere!

Fast Forward to today….I am not a person who spends money willy nilly. I hem and haw and make my pros and cons lists and get knots in my stomach and then consider not buying anything (which is usually what I end up doing…you should see the jug of change I have in my office! And no pennies in there either…I’m way too organized for that. They have their own jug.).

I looked and looked and looked at the cameras that I could afford and thought about getting a picture printer and then thought about not getting the printer. I finally narrowed it down to one. Then I looked some more and narrowed my list down to three.


I started reading more reviews and comparing and reading and comparing, etc…

Then I narrowed it down to two.

So I found where it was supposedly on sale. Drove the 30 minutes to get there and found out…from the non-helpful, sleepy, probably doped up, sales associate….or as I like to refer to him “the sales ass” that “uhh…it’s not coming up. which one was it again? when I type it in this is all that comes up. I don’t know” After about 10 minutes of that, I said (for the 4th time…and yes, I have witnesses) “It’s not the same item number”


So he finds it (immediately) and then stands there for an uncomfortable amount of time while he was “looking” for the box. I happen to glance to my left and VOILA! I pointed at it and said, “Is this it?”

He blinked a few times and then something seemed to register in his head. He picked up the box and we headed to the service desk because there were just too many things going on for him, apparently.

Turns out that the sale was for online purchases only.

Gee…..would have been helpful for them to…uhh….I dunno….MENTION that SOMEWHERE on the website or on the sale card thing?!

So….30 minute drive home.

Another hour on the computer.

I found it at another store, for even less! It wasn’t listed with the rest of the cameras because it was a “bundle” (i.e. camera and printer together). For some reason it wasn’t listed under “packages” either. Good thing I had the item number.

So….25 minute drive to that store.

Found the camera, but no “bundle”. Look around for “sales ass”. There’s only one. This is odd. Normally when we’re at “Store B” there are 20 sales people over by the cameras and camcorders and they’re at you like a pack of wolves if you so much as look at the camera rack to avoid walking into it.

I stood there for 20 minutes and couldn’t catch anyone’s eye. The only girl there was helping a “lady” and her “brood” that she deemed neccessary to haul with her to the electronics store. Gee…nothing there for kids to knock over and break.

I leave and drive 30 minutes home. Traffic has gotten worse.

I look again and find a place where you can buy it online for the sale price and then go pick it up. This kind of sucks because the college kid who bought my tv paid me in cash. I was hoping to be able to just hand it over and get my camera in exchange.

They are making it hard for me to give them my money!

So….I order online….wait for the confirmation email…..and wait……and wait some more…..then finally I get it. Uh oh. I have to print it out. We’re out of printer paper. Of course. So I ended up using matte photo paper….hehe….. Don’t tell CG.

The guy at the pick up counter thought it was funny that I had to use that paper. That made the trip back to “Store B” a little better. At least I didn’t have to drive all the way back to “Store A”.

I finally get back home with camera and photo printer in tow!


My very first electronics purchase!!!! I’ve never actually had to buy any of it. CG considers electronics “personal” gifts. I got my laptop for Christmas and my iPod mini for my birthday.

I’ve now read all the instructions, put everything together myself and now am desperately searching for something….ANYTHING to take pictures of!!!!!! The cats won’t sit still. CG just glares at the camera and Mr. Puppy would try to eat the camera. No Pupkis on the new camera thankyouverymuch.

Thank goodness for Stuff Portrait Friday!

This post is long enough, but I figured I’d better write something since I hadn’t in 3 days!


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