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What? Huh?
November 20, 2006, 7:05 am
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Umm. Yeah. I’m a total slacker.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I am, of course, appologizing to the like 2 other people who read this, but nonetheless….sorry. Total slacker. Me. Yup.

Thanksgiving has totally snuck up on me this year. Normally I’m anxiously awaiting the third Thursday of November, but this year…I remember blinking on Halloween and then suddenly it’s 3 days until Thanksgiving! What? Time, where did you go?

I am now on the edge of my seat. Convinced I’m going to forget something. I’m like this every year. And generally….I end up forgetting something!!! I go waaay past “prepared” at home with list after list of what I’m bringing, what I’m making there, the ingredients that I need, the utensils, etc…etc…etc… I mean, at this point (Monday morning at 2:11AM) I’ve already got the ingredients that I’m taking with me on the counter with my recipe book and my (don’t laugh) (I mean it) Thanksgiving notebook. There. You’re laughing aren’t you. I know you are. Don’t lie. I’ll wait while you calm down. Yes…I drew a turkey on it…and yes, also I wrote “gobble gobble gobble” beside the turkey’s head. I am a dork. Did you not know this by now? Have you not been paying attention?

I’m also making a few things before we go (Wednesday night) and then making something when we get to my parent’s house (Wednesday night also), and then making a few more things on Thursday. I’m terrified I’m going to forget something. I wasn’t this nervous when I got married. But come on…this is Thanksgiving!!!

I’m afraid I’ve rambled a bit. Uhh. Yeah. Sorry.

Sooo….hmm….anything else?

Only this…

Mmmmm…..test-run apple pie!

And yeah….that IS a homemade crust too.



oh yeah, I have a blog…
November 15, 2006, 12:28 am
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I’ve been off in LaLa Land over the past couple of days….and by “LaLa Land” I mean “sick on the couch” and by “couple of days” I mean “nearly a week”. OK. “Enough” with the “parenthases”. (P.S. “”””””) Okay, I’m done. I mean “done”. HA!

Nothing much has happened, except that my hubby took the test for his yellow belt (TaeKwonDo) and PASSED!!!! OH YEEEEAAAAH! LOL He was (and should be) very proud….and so was I! I still am! And tonight was the ceremony type dealy where he actually GOT the yellow belt.

I have to say….I am VERY disappointed in the parents and spouses that attend these things. I have never seen a larger crowd of uninterested people IN MY LIFE. We got there on time for the testing on Friday, but apparently people knew to get there earlier than on time, so I got stuck in what I like to call the Peanut Gallery, which is the little room that people who go to watch regular lessons have to sit. During testing and whatnot people are allowed into the main room because there is just no room in the “Peanut Gallery”.

Now, as I said, I got stuck in there. The fat lady beside me (I would not normally label someone as “fat”, but there’s just no other way to describe this woman) took up the seat beside her with what could only be described as an 8 pound bag of M&M’s and constantly munched on them between yelling at her kid to sit down (which he did not do) and well….eating more M&M’s. The man in front of me, who was about 11 feet tall, with a wing span….I mean ear span of about 3 feet….kept blocking my view and chatting with his “friend”. (there I go again with the parenthases) And right after we all stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance, I had already sat down, and he was halfway sitting down (you know the pose….like, sticking your butt out) and he decided that this would be the time to DIG FOR GOLD!!!! Right in my FACE! OH MY GOD!!! EWWWW!!!!! It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. I nearly had to go outside. Anyway, then there were the parents who thought it necessary to bring their young kids that are just too young to sit and be quiet for an hour and a half. And allowing your kid to just scream their heads off when they’re not the ones getting attention that they think they deserve is not permitted there, so we had parents going in and out of the rooms constantly. It was all very destracting and I only got 3 decent pictures of the hubby doing his test.

And today….ohhh….don’t even get me started today. We got there early so I could get a seat in the “big room” (I feel like the adult that always gets forced to sit at the “kiddy table” at Thanksgiving). I got me a seat in the front row! Yay me! Then, this woman with pigtails down to her KNEES sat next to me. While I thought she was a bit odd, I thought it would be fine. Until I realized that she brought a BOOK TO READ during the CEREMONY!!! WHAT?! Then she said something to one of her 3 kids (one of which I would swear was a girl but was NOT…oops) her breath nearly KNOCKED MY ASS OUT!!! I have never smelled breath THIS BAD. EVER. I thought I was going to vomit. It was horrible. Then there was the kid who wanted to grab my hair sitting behind me and when his mother wouldn’t let him, he screamed. In my ear.

I don’t have kids. And after this, I really don’t want them. Actually, I think the blame lays on the parents on this one. Kids are kids. They scream and talk and can’t sit still. These tests and ceremonies are planned a YEAR IN ADVANCE PEOPLE! You can’t find a babysitter in a YEAR?! LEAVE the little kids at HOME. PLEASE! For my sanity.

Okay….I’m done. *stepping off soapbox*

SPF- Yes! I mean NO! Well…maybe…
November 10, 2006, 5:40 pm
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Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1.) Yes!

Okay….what that should read is “Yes! I am a huge dork!”. I bought this dried fruit 2 weeks ago at the grocery store and then couldn’t find it again. I was devestated! Then yesterday, I went into a different grocery store and realized that “dumbass!” (me) had been searching the shelves in the WRONG GROCERY STORE! On the plus side, I made a little kid laugh when she over heard me talking to myself about what an idiot I am! So this is my YES! YES YES YES!!! I’m so happy I found it! Yaaaay! AND….it’s dried fruit! So I can have more than one piece! YES!

2.) NO!

This is my dog. He’s boycotting outside. That look means “No. I wanna stay inside with my cows” (the two stuffed toys beside him are cows. one moos. it’s hilarious. but not at 3 in the morning.) When I took this picture, I had the back door open to the garage and the garage door open to the back yard. He pretty much has a straight shot. But nooooo. Can’t be bothered. He says “Hmm….outside. I’m thinking that’s a no. I will take some treats if you have them though.”

3.) Maybe…

Will I clean this pan? Won’t I clean this pan? Meh. It’s still up in the air. Can’t I just throw the dirty pans away? Please? (on the plus side, I did clean that bowl!)

Did you play? Yes? No? Maybe?

it was bound to happen….
November 9, 2006, 9:39 pm
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Well….my first cold of the season is well underway. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days and have developed a cough over the past 2. Urgh.

My parents are coming up this weekend to see if my hubby “the computer god” can do anything with my mom’s computer. She’s been frustrated with it for a while now and I’m afraid we’re going to get a call from her saying “Never mind about looking at my laptop. I’ve just thrown it in the creek.” I actually would only be marginally surprised.

I got a phone call from my dad this morning, apparently being stuck in traffic is always a good time for calling me! Hey…I’m not complainin’! It’s rare that my dad and I talk for more than 5 minutes on the phone. Neither one of us is much of a phone person. Last night, I called for my mom and she wasn’t home and duh, I knew that but totally forgot, but I ended up going on and on about my “French learnin’ “. He was actually interested, which somewhat surprised me!

Anyway, back to the point, he said something along the lines of “Tell (the hubby) not to worry about looking at your mama’s computer. We’re just going to get a new one and stop fussin’ with her old one.” I’ve gotta tell ya’….I saw this one comin’. Everytime either one of us (hubby or me) gave advice about speeding her computer up or other improvements, she’d say something like “Don’t you think I just need to get a new computer?”. hee hee.


I’m pretty sure I’ve passed on my fear of electronics to my mom. Can you do that? Pass things on backwards? Granted, this laptop (that I got last Christmas) hasn’t given me any problems…yet… Pretty much all other electronic things hate me. What? You want an example? Well okay…if you insist. In…let’s see….2000, I think, Hubby bought me my very first brand new laptop (for Christmas, nonetheless). I pulled it out of the box and plugged it in to do all the things you need to do to get the software installed and all that….and Y’all….this damn computer SHOCKED ME! Like, with electricity and everything. SHOCKED! ME! And not when I turned it on….just randomly. It was like the laptop was mad at me!

Me: (all excited) Oh, I think I’ll check my email on my beloved new computer!

Laptop: You want yer damn email? *SHOCK* Here’s yer damn email! *SHOCK*

Me: (jumping) OW! What the hell?!

Hubby: (laughing) What the hell are you doing over there?

Laptop: (evil computer laugh) MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!

(later the next day)

Best Buy Geek Squad Dorks: Uhh…(picking nose)….sorry….we can’t duplicate the problem here. (soup nazi voice) NO HELP FOR YOU! Oh, and sorry, we broke this little plastic piece off your laptop, but since it’s just superficial, we’re not fixing it….or paying to fix it…..and oh yeah, we lost your power supply cord.

Me: (keying the Geek Squad cars)

Me: (eye twitching)

Me: (looking like I styled my hair by sticking my finger into an electrical outlet)

Everyone Else: (not believing me that my computer actually shocks me randomly)

So…yes. Of course I think electronic things are out to get me. But really. They are. Seriously. (looking over my shoulder at my iPod) Don’t get any ideas!

So I’m pretty sure my mom is going to end up with a new computer. Hopefully one that won’t try and style her hair for her. hee hee

blah dee blah blah blah
November 6, 2006, 4:20 am
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Ever have one of those weekends that you’re really looking forward to, but then Sunday night comes and you realize that you’ve done pretty much nothing?

We’ve watched two movies, been to 3 Auto Zones and an Advance Auto Parts, not changed the oil on 2 cars since they didn’t have the right oil filter for one (which I’ve got to go pick up tomorrow from the dealership because our auto parts stores have conspired against me and decided not to carry oil filters for my diesel Jeep. Argh.), baked one sour cream coffee cake (recipe courtesy of Granny), rotated the tires on Chuck (the truck), cleaned approximately 100,000 dishes (guess who did that?), read one Kraft Food something-or-other magazine received about 3 months ago, listened to hubby talk on the phone to his brother and his friend Tater, drove to Honey Baked Ham to order a ham for Thanksgiving just to find out that they’re CLOSED ON SUNDAY WHY DID I NOT KNOW THAT?!, bought a paper (for the coupons…what? did you think I actually read the paper? bwa ha ha ha!), drooled through the window of DSW only to be pulled away by hubby kicking and screaming “But! But! I need new shoes!!”, and that’s pretty much it.

Wow….to look at it, we did a LOT! I thought we just sat around doing nothing. Oh wait….that’s what we’re doing now.

November 5, 2006, 5:47 am
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Wow….I had so many ideas for this post, but they all escape me now.

Hopefully this will entertain you until I can get my brain jumpstarted.

If he eats one more piece of cat food, that box is going to explode.


SPF – The Good, Bad, and Ugly
November 3, 2006, 4:47 pm
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This week we have a supposedly easy SPF consisting of:

1.) The Good
2.) The Bad
3.) The Ugly

Generally, I do not have to think about these things all week long, but I have been drawing a blank on this one. Yeah, yeah, I know, I suck. Anyway, here goes…

1.) The Good

Mmmmm….Diet Mountain Dew….I could not live without you! I mean, I probably could, but let’s not give that a try. I switched from regular Mountain Dew about a year ago and I must admit….the diet stuff tasted like grass for the first two weeks, but now it tastes just like the regular to me. In fact, I was with the Hubby a few months ago and sort of kind of halfway choked and we were in the car and I had no drink, so I took a swig of his (he drinks the regular stuff) and it tasted like I might as well be drinking maple syrup. Yuck. I highly recommend the diet. No syrupy stuff in your throat…always a good thing.

2.) The Bad.

This is Squish. The Fish. He is a very bad fish. There used to be other fish in there with him. Used. To. Be. He killed them. (Bad fish! Bad!) They were all the same, Tiger Barbs, like the girl at the fish place suggested (since they were agressive, just supposedly not toward each other….well HA HA HA. Weren’t they just WRONG!) and we also got a silver shark that they said the other fish definitely would NOT mess with. Let’s just say I ended up having to rescue the poor little shark from sudden death by fin nibbling! There is one other fish in there with Squish. It’s one of those sucker fish that I named Humphrey. Humphrey is easily 8 times the size of Squish, yet Squish STILL picks on him! BAD BAD FISH! (much finger wagging)

3.) The Ugly.

No, not the adorable kitty. The knitting. MY knitting. I just learned, so it’s ok that it’s kinda ugly….well, I learned nearly a year ago. My Aunt taught me over Thanksiving. My Granny tried to teach me when I was about 8 and that just wasn’t gonna happen. I made a little blanket for my cat, but then kind of forgot all about it. Anyway, I picked it up again over Thanksgiving last year (and remembered NOTHING from when I was 8). I made my dad a scarf for last Christmas which took me…well…I’m not gonna tell you how long it took me. It’s embarassing. I made my mom a scarf for Mother’s Day (and gave it to her in July….oops….took a little longer that I expected). So basically, I’ve only given things to family members because….well….the phrase “something only a mother could love” comes to mind. The cute kitty DID help in making it just a little more ugly after I tried to pick it up off the floor and wrap it back up after taking the picture by snagging it and trying to eat it. Ugh. So. Yeah. Ugly. sigh

Did You Play?!