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Stuff Portrait Friday, Holiday Edition
December 22, 2006, 6:14 pm
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Well….here it is. My first SPF in like, what seems like forever! I’ve been a big slacker in the SPF Department. (not to mention the Blogging Department) So lets get started.

1.) One Ornament

This is my marshmallow snowman. I’ve been kind of obssessed with making homemade marshmallows lately, so when the Hubby and I went to pick out our yearly ornament, this just seemed to fitting! Not to mention how freakin’ cute he is!!!

2.) Something Stuffed into a Stocking

This here is my Christmas Rat. My Great Aunt Babbie made him for me. He usually has a candy cane cane (okay, that was weird). Anyhow, this is him, stuffed into a stocking. He’s actually still there. I forgot to take him out while I was trying to figure out which present to take a picture of.

3.) One Present

This is a present for my dad. I can’t tell ya’ what it is, since my parents sometimes read this. But I can tell you what the bag says, which, in my opinion, is even better than the present inside. So here goes…

“Top 10 Reasons I Bought You This Gift…”

10. I’m lazy
9. I’m cheap
8. I don’t really know you that well
7. 50% OFF!
6. Irregular Item
5. Regifting
4. Brown nose
3. WRAP a gift?
2. You got me a gift
1. It fit in the BAG!

Hahahahaha! That just cracks me up.

Well that’s my SPF, suddenly I don’t feel like such a slacker 😉

Did you play?!


There’s no place like home
December 15, 2006, 4:13 pm
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Ya’ know, everyone moves away from home. And that’s a good thing. The kids are glad to be out. The parents are glad to finally have their house back to themselves. The house is probably glad too.

But there are those times, when something happens, that the first thought in your head (no matter how old you are) is “I WANT MY MOMMY!!!”.

Like now. When I just ran over my foot with the door to the closet. All I could utter was “ow”. But I was screaming in my head.

My parents live about 2 hours away. Which is not bad. Two hours is a very short distance in the scheme of things. But I doubt they’d drive those two hours to look at my poor purple toe. I mean, there’s not even any blood. But ow! It’a amazing how much pain the combination of a door and toe can make. And it’s not even a big toe. It’s the toe that, according to “finger law” should be called the “ring toe”. According to “Little Piggy Law” it’s the little piggy who had none. Man, this poor piggy sure got the short end of the stick here.

And yes. I did write a whole blog post about my toe. Yes I did.

For Goodness Sake…
December 13, 2006, 9:47 pm
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Prepare yourselves for the hilarity to come……

Okay….my camera flash does funny things to his eyes, but OMG!!! This is just hysterical to me!

Winston did not find it as funny as I did, however. But he got treats out of it, so he’s happy now and back cuddled up on the couch.

He’s got a Santa hat too. But we’ll save that for tomorrow. Gotta space out the funny.

Oh Holy Crap…

Just to show y’all that I’m serious about posting more than twice a month….ha ha….here’s a little Christmas ditty I wrote about the kitties….

Un-Holy Night
(to the tune of “O Holy Night”)

Unholy night
The cats are barfin’ up stuff
That isn’t food
Or even recognizable

All on the floor
Are little paw prints of dirt
Wait, that’s not dirt
Oh gross, now someone’s getting hurt

Now late at night
Winston finds a piece of plastic
Still not full,
He eats four of my elastics

Now, in the dark
At two AM
I step on something

Oh my, it’s wet
And soaking through my sock
Please someone kill me

Oh kitties, of mine
Oh night
Unholy night.


I also wrote one about the dog, am working on one about the hubby, and also wrote one about me after I dyed my hair and it came out red. Yeah, that was nice.

Negative Nancy

I swear I’ll do better. Things have been nuts around here lately. This weekend has been non-existent.

Friday was spent cleaning since my parents were coming up around noon on Saturday.

Saturday, was “parents day” and we went to A Christmas Carol at the Theatre in the Park which was SO EXCELLENT! I highly recommend it. It was hilarious (but that’s okay, it was supposed to be). The Director/star of the show (a.k.a. Ebenezer Scrooge), Ira David Wood III and he just totally made the show. He adds in things that have happened in politics or entertainment news or whatever lately and he has you laughing the entire show. I think it was nearly 3 hours, but it didn’t even feel like half of that. The crack about Britney Spears and her underwear or lack-there-of still has me crackin’ up! Anyway, he’s been directing and starring in the show for 32 years and this was his last year, which is terrible. I doubt the show will ever be the same without him. Yes, I totally recommend it.

Let’s see. Hmm. Oh, then we went to this Italian restaurant that’s right by the theater and were forced to choose between waiting an hour and a half to two hours or all eight of us could sit at the bar. And eat Italian food. Fun. Guess which one we choose? Yeah, we all sat at the bar. And couldn’t talk to anyone sitting more than one person away from us. And we had to deal with people coming up and ordering drinks while we were trying to talk. Excuse me much?

Didn’t get home until late because well, my Dad’s insane. I think he figures that he’s been driving for so long that everyone else should just have to get out of his way. Everyone. Including street signs. And medians.

It was a fun drive home.

We also directed him to a house several streets away from us that, no kidding, has every single one of those blow up Christmas things that they make. Also lights EVERYWHERE, a family of caroling snowmen (and women) and another family of penguins. And other assorted doodads. It was entertaining.

Sunday, WE FINALLY GOT OUR CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! Yippee!!! I am a Christmas nut. A “Chestnut” if you will. Although, no roasting on an open fire. Yet, anyways. I don’t want to be one of those “have-the-tree-up-before-Thanksgiving” people, but the first week in December would be nice. I, however, live with Negative Nancy. I couldn’t think of a better name for him for several months now, but I think I’ve finally got this one pinned down. He was the one repeating “It’s just awful” at the ‘enthusiastically lit’ yard. He’s the one that insists we don’t get a tree until two weeks before Christmas. AND that we take it down before the new year (and when I saywe I mean me). Oh, and doesn’t help me decorate the tree at all, but that’s okay, I kind of prefer to do it myself. That way it’s done right. 😉 hee hee

We also had the annual TaeKwonDo Christmas banquet thingy today. Wow. That was fun. Lots of people I don’t know, getting lots of awards, and lots and lots of me clapping for them or risk looking like a tool. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We ended up being sat next to some really nice people, so that made it bearable. Also, we found out that “Negative Nancy’s” instructor is a year YOUNGER than ME! OMG! We had no idea. We were thinking late twenties, and he was thinking maybe early thirties, but he’s 24! Ha! That’ll show us.

Now we’re home and finished watching Firefly, which is just a great show and they should have never taken it off the air, for no reason! And Battlestar Gallactica just ended (thank God). And the tree is decorated (and soooo purtay). And I guess it’s about time to try and go to sleep. And this is just about the worst blog entry I’ve ever written.

But, tomorrow (I think) I will take pictures of my dog in his Christmas “get up” and post them here. And if y’all are really good, maybe I’ll take some pictures of the kitties in their Christmas gear and post them. One has a Santa hat, and the other has light-up reindeer antlers. HA! So cute! They hate me so much. Except the dog. He’s kinda dumb. But we love him.

Oh, and Christmas shopping? What Christmas shopping. Christmas is like 2 months away, right? Right? Hmm…..maybe I should get on that then!

Yes, I have actually fallen off the face of the earth
December 4, 2006, 5:18 pm
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Y’all…it’s been so long I forgot my password.

I keep thinking of things to post about, but then forgetting them since I’m thinking of all the neat ideas while lying in bed going to sleep. So then I’m left with lame entries like this one.

Nothing much has happened around these parts lately. Except that I dyed my hair!!! Yes! I did! I’ve been wanting to for awhile now, but I just never had the guts. I went from dark blonde to brown. And it only took me 2 attempts! Ha HA! The first time it turned out nice and red. ACK!

Red hair + Me = NO!

So since I just did semi-permanent, I could do it again (thank GOD!). I would really hate to have to shave my head.

Anyway, that’s about all that’s been going on here.

I’ve also been thinking (notice I just said thinking) about Christmas shopping. Haven’t actually done any of that yet. Yeah. Remember that little conversation we had about me being a slacker? This is just more of that. And boring.

I’ve also really got to go see how much it’s going to be to print out my family cookbooks and put them all together.

But for now……

More Procrastination! Yay!