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No Pain, No Gain…Or Loss…Whatever…
February 20, 2007, 3:00 am
Filed under: whineyness

Does anyone want to take a wild guess why my foot hurts after my walk/run today?



Here’s a clue…

Still need more?


Here’s another clue…

Yeah…that felt nice.

Also, on my walk/run today, I saw this:

It’s a turtle! What? Don’t you see it? Right there! Here’s a close up (sorry, had to take it on my phone, so the quality sucks)

Also, this weeks Things on the Road Thursday is gonna rock! I saw some strange ass stuff this week on the road.


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Comment by Hyman

Oh my, that rock looks painful! On the bad ankle?

I love turtles!!!

Comment by Arlene

hyman – LOL…yeah…I’ve got pictures from my walk today too, just gotta post ’em.

arlene – Actually, yeah. Had to be the bad ankle. Yet another horse related injury. We were at a show and we jumping jumps and we jumped a leettle too close to the jump standard and it whacked my foot, dislocated my ankle and turned my foot around. Ow. But at least nothing broke! How’s your ankle?

Comment by barnmouse

Holy crap! What kind of road were you running on? Wanna walk the avon walk with me?

Comment by Beth

Beth – I try to walk and jog on the paved trails around here, but it seems that they only way to get to them from my house is over all these damn rocks! They just put a new batch down this year. Yeah, it makes it look better, but damn! Stupid shoes! LOL

And the avon walk? I dunno if I’m quite up to that…I’m kind of hobbling around today as it is 😉 How long is it?

Comment by barnmouse

It’s as long or as short as you want it to be, really, but the whole thing is 39.3 miles over 2 days. A marathon the 1st day and a half-marathon the 2nd. There’s more info linked on my blog.

Comment by Beth

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