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March Shall Hereby Be Removed From My Calendar
March 29, 2007, 1:29 am
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Dear March,

You have been a shitty month. You suck. Please end.

That is all.


Well. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.

Due to the fact that I have to go to ANOTHER funeral tomorrow, Things on the Road Thursday has been moved up a few hours this week. I was going to just say “screw it”, but since I skipped last week too, I just couldn’t do that without feeling like I was blowing something off and I hate that feeling.


Things on the Road Thursday!!! Finally!


*deep breath*


Seriously. I can’t be the only one who snickers whenever they see one of these. I can’t. Can I? Really? C’mon. I won’t tell. I swear. You know you giggle. Just a little. Maybe not full blown hysterical laughter like me, but you KNOW it’s funny!

And there you have it gentlefolk. Now I have to go look up a map that will hopefully clearify directions that my dad gave me earlier. Just a note. Random words mixed with “uh” and long pauses do not make good directions. Pass it on.


Your Lucky Numbers Are: 3, 6, 14, 18, 23
March 26, 2007, 4:03 pm
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I am so in the mood for Chinese food right now. Anyone else? Wanna order in?

I love Chinese food. It used to be very affordable. Remember that? I think I do. It’s been so long, I’m not sure though. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just the place that we order from. I’ve been spoiled though.

When I was growing up, we had this place called “The Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant” that my parents and I used to go to. It was the best! Now I’m spoiled. I have to have my shrimp fried rice made the right way or that’s it for your restaurant. And you only get one shot at it. Don’t think I’m going to risk another chance for good Chinese food on a place that puts peas in the rice even when asked not to. Oh no. I won’t be burned again. It takes me forever to convince Rat to get Chinese food, so I’m only bettin’ on a sure thing! Maybe their prices are higher than usual? Maybe I should step out of my (very) little safety zone and try another place? What do you normally pay for Chinese food?

I’ve tried making it myself. We won’t discuss that. I’m in the process of trying to block it out of my memory.

Yeah, yeah. Enough whining. It’s not helping the Chinese food craving I’m having now. I’ve got to go plant flowers anyway before they die in the little plastic packages that we bought them in.

So Maybe This Cold Isn’t Going to Kill Me
March 22, 2007, 4:51 am
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Go ahead. I know what you’re thinking.

Where the hell have you been?!

And I have a very simple answer for you:


That’s pretty much it.

There have been occasional trips to the fridge for more tea or diet mt dew. And to the pantry, for croutons. YES I SAID CROUTONS. Shut up. When you’re this sick, if you can eat anything, you would be well advised to do so.

I’m still kinda cough-y, so I’m alternating between sleeping in the bed and sleeping on the couch, depending on how badly I’m coughing that day. It always seems to get worse at night. And, on top of that, I’ve run out of cold medicine. Rat compared me to Minnie Driver’s character on The Riches (love it-btw), so no more cold medicine for poor little sick Mouse. *sniffle* (now feel sorry for me right now dammit!)

Last night I finally had enough cough drops to let me go to sleep around 3am. And Rat was so happy to have something to cuddle with that he over slept by almost 2 hours. Whoopsey.

“Star Trek:Voyager coming up next” Um. No. *changing channel*

Ahhhh…..That 70’s Show. A steady IV of this show kept me alive last week. Rat found this “Jib Jab” thing about a year ago that had Bruce Willis calling Ashton Kutcher “Ass-ton” and then Ashton called him “B-Dog”. It was very funny. You’ll just have to take my word for it. K? Alright then.

And can someone please tell me where snot comes from because My Lawd! An entire large box and a half of tissues! And still coughing and sniffling.

Now let’s see…have I complained enough? Umm….nope! TV Programers out there! Please! I beg of you! Play something at least half-way interesting between 2 and 5am!!! Seriously. I have run out of recorded episodes of Family Guy. This isn’t funny anymore. I need some more cartoons. And a way to get something out of the fridge without getting up. Please get back to me on this last one as it is of the uttmost importance.

Now I have a funny picture for this week’s Things on the Road Thursday. And if I can remember to get the cable to attach my phone to my computer I will post it. If not, I have a really funny picture for next week’s Things on the Road Thursday.


Also, today (or actually yesterday, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so I still think of it as today) is Shadow’s birthday! He is SIX! Woo! For his birthday I got him one of those giant bouncy balls that you get from like Target in those big bins. It was very funny. I will post pictures. Maybe. Ha! Anyway, wish mah cute wittle puppy a happy birthday and he will not come and eat you. Anyone who doesn’t, you’re on your own.

Thank God for Puffs Plus with Lotion
March 13, 2007, 7:08 pm
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Oh dear me. Y’all. This cold is kicking my ass.

I’ve gotten through the “throat so sore I can not swallow” phase and the “sneezing every three seconds” phase, and the “I’m hot, no I’m cold, no I’m hot…” phase, but now I can’t seem to get out of the “coughing so hard I nearly barf” phase

*hack hack*

excuse me

I’m running out of recorded things to watch on tv and commercials?!?! Nooooooo!!!

I’m sick of doing laundry. It seems like laundry and blowing my nose are the only two things I’ve done in a week.

I think Rat is getting tired of me being too dizzy and snotty to do anything.

Speak of the devil, there’s the laundry timer thingy now. I would sigh, but it would make me cough.

Does anyone have a sure fire cough remedy?

Anything else to write about? Umm. No. Okay then. I’ll be back when the threat of my hacking up snot on my keyboard is downgraded from Red to Orange.

*hack hack*

Ultimate Blog Party Post – Down to the Wire Much?
March 9, 2007, 4:51 pm
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So, hi. Welcome to my blog!

It’s not about anything specific, just whatever happens to fall out of my head and makes it’s way onto the keyboard. Pretty random stuff.

I’m pretty much drawing a blank on the interesting stuff I was going to post at the moment. But how’s this…sick. I’m sick. Very sick. Drowning in snot. Blargh.

I do this thing called “Things on the Road Thursday” which sounds kinda gross, but really isn’t. I’m not talking “Things Squished on the Road”, but just things. Anything that I happen to see and find interesting. I missed this Thursday, but will definitely be back with “TRT” next Thursday.

I have two kitties, one huge dog, and a hubby.

I live in North Carolina. I think that this is the best place to live. I love my state! 🙂

I’m in the process of starting my own gourmet dog treat business (which coincidentally is what I have up as a prize!) called Canine Confections. I’ve posted many a picture of different treats on here, so if ya want just poke around in the ol’ archives.

I’ll be updating this (hopefully) all day as I think of more interesting things, but I wanted to get this up, so I could sign Mr Linky (which I still don’t really understand, but I’m not exactly a computer genious like The Hubs).

Sad, Sad Days…
March 8, 2007, 4:07 am
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Y’all, this has been one long week. My mother-in-law died suddenly and completely unexpectedly last Thursday (March 1st). It’s been nonstop since then. And it’s looking like it’s going to be a long hard fight with her new husband, who is turning out to be a con artist. The 1st was her very first day of retirement. She was 62. My heart is just broken. You hear so many “mother-in-law horror stories” that I always just kind of assumed that that was one of the trials of life, but my husband’s mother was just the coolest mother-in-law that I could have ever hoped for. We always had an uneasy feeling about this new husband and things that are coming to light now are justifying all the bad vibes we got from him. It’s really just awful. I can’t believe that my husband and his brother and sister have to go through this.

Sorry this post is so scattered. I’m quite sick at the moment and really didn’t know what I was going to say. I just figured that since it had been about a week, I should pop my head in and say hi.

I’ll try to get my blog party post (whatever that is) up in a day or so.

And P.S. I don’t care how old you are, if you have children, you need a will. You would not believe the nightmare that my MiL not having one has caused. Please don’t do that to your children. Losing a parent is hard enough, but to be thrown into this turmoil is just horrid.

No more sad posts after this one, promise!

The Ultimate Blog Party and Dog Treats, Who Could Ask For More?
March 1, 2007, 3:52 am
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Hey y’all! Are you coming? Sounds like a blast 🙂

Ultimate Blog Party

You really should! I’ve got a prize up for grabs (probably). It’s a batch of dog treats! Yippie! (Like it would actually be anything else!) I haven’t decided which ones, but if any of y’all have a suggestion, please tell me what it is. I’d like to offer up the most desirable of treats! 🙂 I think I’ve posted pictures of a lot of them here, but here are some that I don’t think I posted before.

These are “Muddy Paws” and these are “Puppy Paws”

and these are called “Honey Bunnies”

I know. Cute, huh? I’ll pause for all the “oooh’s” and “awwwww’s”.



Okay. Done? Hee! I would love to tell y’all which ones of are Shadow’s favorites, but as the “Head of Quality Control” he feels that it’s important to stay neutral and gobble up any and all treats offered to him without hesitation. (translation: I have no idea which ones are his favorite because he eats them all like he hasn’t been fed in a month!)

Y’all should seriously think about stopping by between March 2nd and the 8th to Par-Tay! Woo!

Edited to add: Yes, I know that the pictures and the names are not lined up. I’m feeling a bit too lazy to fix it now, but I figured that maybe this would suffice until I finish watching Medium.