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Manic Monday
April 9, 2007, 7:14 pm
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I’ve never done this before, but thought I’d give it a try. Monday’s are not exactly my most competent days. Hee.

“What flavor of ice cream best describes your personality?”

I’d have to go with Peppermint. It’s mild, but with a minty kick. hee hee

“If your life was a weather vane, which direction would it be pointing right now?”

I’d say South/South East because that’s where I live and I love it! 🙂

“What is one field or profession that you have never pursued, but that you think you would most likely have been quite good at?”

I wanted to be a lawyer for the longest time. I’m an excellent arguer, but I could never decide on defense or prosecuter. I mean, on one hand, defending an innocent person accused of something is great, but prosecuting the guilty, also good. Oh well. I guess that’s why I bake dog treats!

did you play?


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Peppermint is one of my favorite flavors of ice cream. It’s really excellent with hot fudge on top!

Thanks for playing Manic Monday and have a terrific week.

Comment by Fleur de Lisa

Yay! I finally found someone who picked a direction other than North! LOL

I love peppermint ice cream!

Great answers!

It’s weird, I don’t think I could ever be a lawyer because I don’t think I could defend the guilty. On the other hand, I believe strongly in forgiving your enemies. Yup, weird I know!

Comment by Irish Church Lady :)

lisa – I just found the peppermint ice cream this past Christmas and became addicted to it! Now I can’t find it anywhere! 😦 LOL

irish – I’m Southern all the way! LOL

Comment by barnmouse

You’re so funny! I’m glad you played!
I’ve never had peppermint ice cream…feel like I should try it now!

Comment by Arlene

arlene – you really should try it! It’s soo yummy! 🙂

Comment by barnmouse

Love your MM answers.Mine’s up at last.

Comment by Celfyddydau

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