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June 11, 2007, 6:40 pm
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So.  Had to take the Jeep in to the dearlership this morning because it’s leaking oil.

This is all I got after 2 hours of waiting:

“Well…it’s leaking, but it’s a really small leak.”

Um.  Yeah.  But it’s LEAKING.  Oil!  That doesn’t grow back.  When oil leaks out of the car, the oil that leaked out is gone.  Therefore leaving you with less oil than before.  Now say this happens for a month.  Pretty soon, you’re a half a quart low.  And when you have a disiel like me, the oil doesn’t get changed every 3 months or 3000 miles.  It’s 6 months or 6500 miles.  So now you have the potential to be 3 quarts low.  Cars need oil for a reason.

Rat used this metaphor earlier.  It’s like saying that you have a cut, that’s not bleeding that much, but it’s not stopping.  You go to the doctor and he says “don’t worry about it, it’s not that bad”.

That reminded me of Monty Python’s Holy Grail skit with the knights fighting and one gets his arm cut off and he says “it’s just a flesh wound”, which makes this just a little funny to me.

I was also reminded of when we bought another car (used, not new like the Jeep) from a different dealership and we had it a week and realized that it was leaking a helluva lot of oil.  We took it back to the dealership and said “this car leaks a helluva lot of oil” and the guy tried to tell us that it was normal and that with his car (and these are his exact words) “when I put gas in it I just pour a quart of oil in too” like it was nothing!  Even the other service guys looked at him like WHAT?!?!  These are the same people who lost the key to that car.  Yeah.  We didn’t go back there for our next car.  Wonder why.

So, even though we didn’t go back there for our next car, we did go basically across the street to Carmax (which I do not recommend).  They pulled the same kind of shit with me.  The service guy treated me like “the ignorant little blonde girl” which totally pissed me off.  We bought a Jeep (Wrangler) from them that was only 2 or 3 years old when we bought it and the radiator was leaking.  Rat looked at it at home and saw that the radiator was leaking.  So he called them and told them that the radiator was leaking.  So they said bring it on in.  Which we did.  I waited for six hours.  Yes, I said SIX HOURS!  Only to have them tell me that the radiator wasn’t leaking, but they did change the thermostat.  I said “whatever” and practically ran out of there.  Did I mention it was December and freezing and the “waiting room” was just a line of chairs right by the automatic giant front doors that opened and let in the fridgid air anytime someone even so much as walked by?  So I get home, tell Rat what they said.  He was not happy.  He goes out to the Jeep, looks at it, points to the leak and says IT’S STILL LEAKING!  I CAN SEE IT LEAKING RIGHT NOW!  So he calls them back.  Gets another appointment.  I go back and wait…..ANOTHER SIX HOURS.  Only to have them tell me that “ok, it’s leaking” but they don’t have the part so they’ll have to order it and we’ll have to make another appointment.  Wow.  Six hours to look and see a leak.  They must be super smart over there at Carmax.  So they get the part in and we make another appointment (for 7-freakin’-thirty in the morning…did I mention Carmax was in another town?)  So I get there.  ON TIME!  (yay me!)  And oops!  Our service person has already come and GONE for the day and she forgot to mention that we had an appointment today!  So sorry!  Make another appointment please.  At this point, I’m ready to start throwing stuff.  But I was good.  I made another appointment for a few days from then.  That day comes and I’m thinking that if they screw something else up that’s IT!  I’m hitting someone with a stapler!

I make the appointment and surprisingly, the counter girl that cost me my last appointment has no appology for me.  Surprise, surprise.  Aaaaaaand three hours later, I finally hear my name called.  I mentioned to the guy behind the counter that this was the 4th time we had to bring it in for the SAME THING.  And that the first time I brought it in they changed a completely different part from the one that was leaking.  And then he said “Ya know, sometimes changing a bad part will make a good part go bad.”

Oh.  My.  God.  Where are the staplers?!  Just thinking about all this again makes my eyes start to twitch again.

Yeah, so the next car we bought, we bought a brand new one, from a reputable dealer.  What a great idea that turned out to be.

“It’s just a flesh wound.”

“No it’s not!  I’ve cut your bloody arm off!”


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Ok, it is HILARIOUS that we both dealt with stupid dealerships today! So seriously, it’s not just me, they seriously all suck ass like this??? WTF is wrong with these people?????

Comment by Arlene

[…] Posted by Arlene on June 11th, 2007 **Edited to add, apparently I’m not the only one with mechanic/dealership issues today!!** […]

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Oh….my….God!!!! I’m so freaking glad that my boyfriend, dad, and uncle are mechanics. I couldn’t deal with that shit. I’d hurt somebody.

Comment by sarah

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