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SO, YEAH, the jump rope story and possibly other funny things.
June 20, 2007, 5:01 pm
Filed under: I totally have real life friends too, it was all his fault

Y’all should really know by now that when I say “tomorrow” what that translates to is “maybe in the next week if you’re lucky”. I did have a pretty good excuse though. Monday was my birthday! Yay me! I’ve officially made it to 26. Whew! I’m exhausted. I think I need a nap.

My parents came up Sunday and took Rat and me out to dinner and stayed overnight. Then Rat took me out on Monday, my actual birthday. And now, tonight, my wonderful friend Super Model is taking me out! If I can keep milking this thing, I don’t think I’ll have to cook again for a month! Now, who else wants to take me out? Hmm?

Anyway, so. Rat cannot jump rope. At all. Well, I mean, now he can because I taught him, but before, he could not jump rope. I don’t even know how to describe it, but it was so damn funny. He was jumping waaay off the ground and slapping the jump rope around and then somehow his feet would get off beat and he looked like he was having some sort of tantrum! Like a little kid in a toy store who can’t have the power ranger or whatever. It was literally all I could do not to pee my pants. Really. He thought I was just laughing to make fun of him so he said something along the lines of “Oh yeah? You think you can do better? Here!” and then handed me the jump rope. You should have seen his face when, in a skirt and flip flops, I picked it up again like I was still 10 years old. Then he was all “Bah!”. And I was all “HEE!”. And that’s pretty much the jump rope story. Except to say that one of his TaeKwonDo instructors said that she tried to tell her husband (the other TKD instructor) about Rat jumping rope, but that she couldn’t because she nearly peed HER pants!!!! So. To recap. Don’t watch Rat jump rope if you’ve drank anything in the past few hours.

I’ll try and write more as soon as I get rid of this damn headache. It’s one of those that feels like stabbing behind your eye. Ow.

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This is seriously a great drinking story!!!!!!
Happy Birthday again!!!!!
I’m sorry your head hurts 😦

Comment by Arlene

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