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My latest addiction
June 27, 2007, 1:31 am
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We all have my friend Super Model to thank for my newest addiction. Iced Chai Latte.

*pause for longing sigh and lip smackin’*

When she took me out to dinner for my birthday last Wednesday, which was fan-FUHREAKIN’-tastic btw, I let her recommend something new to try (which I did and which was also scrumptious!) and that turned out so well, that when we went to a coffee shop down the street, I got her to recommend something new there too. She said that the chai was great so I said “BRING IT ON!!!”. The lady behind the counter asked whether I wanted it iced or hot. Well wasn’t that just the dumbest question she could have asked. I’m sorry, wasn’t it about a bajillion degrees just 5 minutes ago? So, yeah. I went with the iced.

It was so yummy! I never in a million years would have thought that I would like that, much less love it, but I do!

Even though it’s about a dollar less at Starbuck’s, it’s still an expensive habit to have, so tonight, I tried my hand at making it myself, since I got their Frapuccionos down pretty good. I even took pictures just for y’all. Who loves ya’ baby?!

First, you’re going to need a few ingredients, all of which can probably be found at your local grocery store. If not, you need a new grocery store.

You will need:

100_1826 100_1829

simple syrup (made it mah-self!) chai tea (Tazo is da bomb y’all)

100_1833 100_1836

some kind of vanilla syrup milk (I prefer skim)

And do I really have to take a picture of ice? Really? I didn’t think so.

Also, because I am the height of coolness:


My mom was kind of surprised last year when she asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her a tea kettle. I even sent her a picture of the one I wanted from She said she went and looked and looked, but couldn’t find it, but then she found one and it was the only one left. Then about a month after Christmas, Rat and I go over to Super Model and her bf’s house and lo and behold, they have the same one too. I like to think that I am a great picker-outer of tea kettles. If you’re ever in the market for one, you know who to call!

What were we doing? Oh, right, chai tea, mouse style!

So, you take 2 tea bags, steep them in 8 oz of hot water for at least 5 minutes. Then you take out the tea bags and gently squeeze them (not a lot because then you get kind of a bitter taste).


I’m working on this next part, but so far, I’ve tried pouring the hot tea over the ice, which works great to cool it down, but it also waters the drink down a lot since it melts a lot of the ice. I’m going to try making the tea in advance and putting it in the fridge to see if that works better.

Okay, so you have the ice and the tea in a cup (not the coffee cup you steeped the tea in, you need a larger cup than that). Now you need to pour in the milk. Try not to fill up the cup because we still have to add the simple syrup and the vanilla flavoring. I added a tablespoon and a half of the vanilla flavoring, but you can add more or less. I also have no idea how much simple syrup I used. I just kept tasting it until it tasted right. Everyone’s tastes are different, so you’ll have to make it to your liking.

When you’re done, it should be about this color:


Maybe a little darker. I think I added a bit too much milk. But it still tastes yummy. Now I know why when I order this at a coffee shop, they pour it in the cup in this order: tea and flavorings, milk, and then ice. But I think they already have their tea and flavorings mixed together. I’m not sure. I’m usually too busy staring at all the $30 travel mugs and stuff.

Now, you’re ready to drink your nummy iced chai latte! And, if you’re super cool like me, you can drink it in your trash can that you got from Joe’s Crab Shack! Them’s some good eats! LOL


And really, how adorable is the mini trash can cup? It even comes with a lid! And has cute little moving handles that you can barely see on the sides there (thank you Mr. Spoon).

Also, please excuse my horrible counter tops. I don’t know who the first guy was that said “Fake wood counter tops! That’s classy!” but I’d like to smack them.

**updated to add** Just in case anyone was wondering, to make simple syrup (which is great for sweetening cold drinks because the sugar is dissolved) you put the same amount of sugar and water into a saucepan over medium high heat and simmer until you’re sure all the sugar is dissolved and then let cool. Be careful not to boil it too long though, because then you’ll end up with a big mess (like I did on my first attempt – took me awhile to get all that hardened sugar out of my bottle). And Super Model? Don’t worry, I’ll make you some. Hee hee.

**updated AGAIN to add**  Yup, waiting for the tea to cool a bit is definitely the way to go.

On that note, I’m am NEVER getting to sleep tonight.  Who else is up?

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Well aren’t you just like Betty Starbucks Crocker!! LOL. So we need to be on Yahoo together so when you’re all hopped up at night we can chat! I’m thebrunette1980. Add me girl!

Comment by Arlene

I think I’d rather just buy it from Starbucks.

I’ve fallen in love with their Orange Passion tea. That is so damn good.

Comment by Shell

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