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post # 3486 where I laugh at something only I think is funny.

Okay. Yes, I know, my pictures are not working. And to think I was just going to say how much I was liking this new blog place. Hmph. *crossing arms* I will try to get them to work as soon as possible. *mutters* stupid blog…

 Oooh!  Hey!  They’re working again!  Good blog….gooooooood *pets blog on head*


This is was Shadow’s bowl. It actually held things a lot better before he sat on it.

This is very funny to me.

Let’s make a Mastercard commercial out of it, shall we?

old plastic dog bow = $8, new plastic dog bowl = $8.99, having people at the gym look at you like you’re crazy because you keep giggling because your dog sat on his bowl and broke it? priceless.

I mean, I knew he’s a big boy, but dayum! It broke into 5 pieces. To be completely honest, it already had a crack in the side. But still.

And now for something completely different…well, not really. But I still think it’s funny!


In case that last bit came in a little funny (which it looks like it did. Damn you Photoshop! *shaking fists in air*) it is Ebenezer demanding ham, but really…what else is new?

Oh! And I actually have something for my “Things on the Road Thursday” this week! I know…I’ll wait while y’all recover from the shock.

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I’d be randomly cracking up too…actually, I probably will everytime I think of him sitting ON his bowl!!!!
That pic of your cat is hilarious!

Comment by Arlene

Hahahaha right where you left her.

Snake cat is in ur house, slitherin.

Comment by LazyLightning

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