Barnmouse Blitherings

June 29, 2007, 3:18 am
Filed under: whineyness

This is a conversation I had with my mom on the phone a few months ago while I was in the thralls of acute bronchitis.

Let me set the scene for y’all a little bit.

Me- napping on the couch, trying not to talk, laugh, yawn, or even breath hard for fear of starting a day-long coughing fit.

*phone rings*

mouse: *groggily waking up trying to focus on the caller id to see if I want to even bother answering it*

*phone ringing again*

mouse: *seeing it’s my mom I answer it hoping she will be able to make me feel better in that special “Mom Way” that mom’s have*  hello?…

Mom:  Hi *sounding in a hurry* Just one quick question…do you have little gold balls?

mouse:  *launched into a 5 minute coughing fit from laughter*

Mom:  hello?

mouse:  I….*wheeze*….wha???….*cough cough cough*….huh?…*laughing mixed with coughing and kind of a hairball noise*

Mom:  *pause…then the first signs of catching on…then much laughter from her end of the line*

mouse:  *cannot breath*

Mom:  No!  I meant earrings!

And that’s the story of how my mom tried to kill me.



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