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July 9, 2007, 5:00 am
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I’m horrible!  I haven’t posted in like…well, let’s not dwell on that.

Been doin’ stuff!  Rat had the 4th off and then took the 5th and 6th off too, so that we could get some much need home improvement stuff done.  We had a list of about 5 things, and got a total of….ONE done.  Yay!  We rock!

To be fair, the ONE thing we got accomplished was ripping up carpet and putting down hard woods in Rat’s office.  Not exactly the easiest of tasks. 

Here is the timeline for the past few days:

Wednesday, the 4th – nothing…I think we got a hotdog or something. 

Thursday, the 5th – 3:00 start moving things out of Rat’s office, and by “things” I mean about 15 computers and two large desks and about 4 bajillion computer books that way 800 pounds a piece.  We have to unplug whatever magical little device let’s me get on the internet.  Rip up carpet and carpet padding.  Homebuilders apparently thought the carpet padding needed 17000 staples, all of which I had to pull out with the absolute worst pair of pliers ever.  Rat drilled in screws by all the nails and got rid of all the floor squeaks.  I find whole new batch of staples to pull out.  Rat’s drill battery dies.  I pull up tack strips and find even more staples.  Tired of standing up, sitting down, standing up, sitting down, I decide to kind of waddle around the room squatting until I feel a very unpleasant “rip like” sensation in my knee.  I sit down and cry.  While whimpering, I find another damn staple.  Pull it out and drop it down the vent.  Oops.  6:30 – We quit for the day.

Friday, the 6th – start working aorund 12:00.  Sweep, sweep, sweep for what seems like hours.  Finally start putting down the floor.  Quit at 2:30 to go get lunch.  Start back up at 4:00.  Want to quit by 4:02.  Finish putting in floor around umm….I don’t know…a million o’clock or something like that.

Saturday, the 7th – I can not move.  I spend the day on the couch with 5 pillows under my knees.  I keep forgetting we still have no internet.  Rat spends the day on the baseboard and changing the outlets and putting up a ceiling fan.  He gets done around 7 and I am forced to watch a horrible Kung Fu movie.  Blargh!

Sunday, the 8th – Back still hurts but at least I don’t have to walk like a little old lady anymore.  We move stuff back into Rat’s office.  Yay!  Internet!  How I missed you!  How did I ever live without you?!  Rat spends the day organizing some stuff in his office and I spend the day washing crystal I got from my Granny.  Apparently they were not just cloudy after years and years of use.  Whoops.  My bad.  I guess I should have actually washed them before.  On to polishing silver.  Then, because I love him so much and I’m such a nice person and wonderful wife, I took Rat out to the Outback for a “Woo Hoo your office is finally done!” dinner.  We had the nicest waitress EVER.  If I could remember her name, I’d totally tell y’all.  But alas, I have the memory of a flea.

Wow.  How’s that for interesting, huh?  LOL  So now, after going through the Sunday paper and finding all the good coupons, I’m watching Supernatural and realizing I haven’t posted anything in awhile and I was trying to do that “post every day” thing, which wasn’t exactly going that well to begin with, but I really can’t believe I went this long without posting.  So!  I’m back!  The internet’s back!  I’ll try and take some really cute pictures of the cats or something and post them tomorrow, which is actually today, so I should probably go to bed and quit with the damn run on sentences already!

Okay, just saw a commercial for this and I have to say something….What is America’s Next Top Model going to GO AWAY!?!?!?  Please!  TV people!  Take Top Model, Survivor, American Idol, and the new brilliant Hooter’s Dream Girl Challenge and put them all in a little box and shoot them into outer space!!!.  Oh My Hell!  People PLEASE!!!!  This reality tv crap has got to stop.  I digress. *steps down off soapbox*

OH!  And I got a GPS for my birthday!!!  A Garmin c550, to be exact.  I luuurve it!  It’s fantastic.  I’m dying to go on a long trip to somewhere new now.  I don’t know how many more times I can let this thing give me directions to the grocery store.


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My Boyfriend has been on the “I need a GPS” kick lately. I wish he would just shut up and buy one. Maybe I will buy the same one you have JUST so I don’t have to hear him whine anymore. 🙂

I’ve been lacking in the posting lately too. I just can’t seem to get motivated to say my life is EXACTLY the same as yesterday.

Comment by Shell

You have an award at my blog!

Comment by Arlene

I am so jealous that you got a GPS!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!
Sounds like a long ass week of hard work. Holy hell!!
I hate reality tv. Seriously!

Comment by Arlene

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