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July 13, 2007, 5:18 pm
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I will admit it.  I hate…no, loathe…no, despise cleaning the bathroom.  I hate it.  Really, really hate it.  I will do almost anything to put it off.  I talked to my mom earlier this week and she was at my grandma’s condo trying to get it ready to be sold and she was scrubbing the bathroom while talking to me.  Yes.  She is Super Mom.  She’s also a bit of a clean freak.

I asked what she had been up to and she played it off all cool saying “Oh.  Not much.  I cleaned our bathrooms yesterday.  They were awful!  I hadn’t cleaned the bathrooms in nearly 3 weeks!”  Which of course made me lose my damn mind and say something along the lines of “Damn.  My bathrooms WISH they got cleaned every 3 weeks.”.  Which was stupid.  It’s not like I just met her.  I should have stopped myself, but I just couldn’t.  I was too excited about cleaning my Granny’s old wine glasses and having them come out SO. DAMN. GOOD.  That I guess I lost my brains for about a second too long.

So, I got the GO CLEAN YOUR BATHROOMS RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!!! speech.  And I guess it wormed it’s way into my head more than I thought because in between loads (and LOADS) of laundry today, I found myself thinking “why don’t I clean our bathroom?”.



I could not have just thought that.

Who am I and what have I done with myself?!

Suddenly, I’m lugging brooms and mops and windex and wads of paper towels upstairs wondering what in the hell just happened.

We have one of those Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner things (oh, did I mention how when I was little I used to beg my mom to buy the scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner so I could play with the cute little scrubby guys?  Yeah.  I was that cute.) and it apparently broke.  I say “apparently” because “apparently” it had been broken for some time, but since Rat takes a shower after me (because he likes really hot showers and usually uses all the hot water, not even leaving me enough for my luke warm shower) I didn’t realize it.  After scrubbing the shower door and rinsing it off, I tried to turn the shower cleaner on and nothing happened.  So I pressed the button harder.  Still nothing.  So I whacked it.  And yet, nothing.  So I IM’d Rat and asked what was up and he said “oh yeah.  I think it’s broken.” and when asked when the last time it worked was, I got “I don’t know.  Last week sometime?”.

A ha.  No wonder our shower was just getting worse and worse.

So I went to the store to get another one.  And while I was there, I started browsing all the other cleaners and stuff, looking for some toilet cleaner that keeps cleaning (did that make sense?) and maybe something that would help with our icky shower situation.  I remembered the commercial for the foaming stuff that when the woman sprays it on the shower wall, her little girl says “Look Mommy, it looks like a puppy!”.  And she says “Yeah.  It kinda does.”  But then the announcer guy says “But this is what the mold sees.” and the cute little puffy puppy turns into a big mean dog that reminds  me of Shadow.  So I said what the hell and I bought a bottle.

I got it home and sprayed it all over the ickiness that is our shower and just sort of….well….forgot about it.  About an hour later, I went back and it was CLEAN.  IT WAS CLEAN, Y’ALL!!!!  No scrubbing or anything!  I can’t believe my eyes.  I’ve tried SO many other things on our shower and they NEVER work even with arm breaking scrubbing.  It’s a miracle. 

I can whole heartedly recommend Tilex Mildew Root Penetrator and Remover 100%! 

It works.  And I mean REALLY WORKS!  And assuming that there’s anyone out there that has let their shower get as bad or *gasp* worse than mine, y’all should really try it.  Really!  I mean now!  Stop staring at your computer and GO dammit! 

You can thank me later with cash.


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Isn’t is amazing the impact our mothers can still have on us? LOL

Now I need to got get me some of that stuff and try it in my toilets. We live in the land of mold…I’ve never seen anything like it! LOL

Comment by Susan

I’m going to Target tonight. My shower will be the real test since I’ve got stuff growing in corners that even I can’t identify…

Comment by Shell

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