Barnmouse Blitherings

August 14, 2007, 6:51 pm
Filed under: it was all his fault

Rat: *stomping down the stairs, guitar in hand* You TOOK my TOWEL.

Mouse: what?

Rat: *looking like I just dinged his car* My TOWEL. You TOOK it.

Mouse: Oh. Yeah. I thought it was dirty.

Rat: *looking exasperated, like we’ve had this conversation at least 100 times before* It WASN’T.

Mouse: I’m sorry. I was doing a load of towels and I thought it was dirty.

Rat: But it WASN’T dirty.

Mouse: I understand that now, but you weren’t home and the towel was just sitting in your office and I know how sometimes you will use a towel to wipe dust off your monitor or something and then forget to put it in the dirty clothes basket. This has happened many times before. And sometimes you spill your drink. And….

Rat: But it WASN’T dirty. I put it on my knee when I play the guitar.

Mouse: Okay. I said I was sorry. It will never happen again. Your office will eventually be smothered in a sea of dusty, sticky towels. I will not touch them. Happy?

Rat: *mumble mumble mumble*


Yeah. Our house is fuuuun.


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Don’t you know any better? You don’t take a man’s knee towel for God’s Sake!!??!?

Make him wash the towels from now on.

Comment by Shell

are you our dopplegangers? I mean, really, the name is close enough, but to act the same too? I read this aloud to my hubby and he laughed the whole time and then said, “that sounds like us”…

Comment by jill

LOL…yeah, we have these kinds of conversations a LOT.

Comment by barnmouse

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