Barnmouse Blitherings

August 16, 2007, 10:26 pm
Filed under: general wonderment

Today, I was driving home from the grocery store and I decided to take a little bit more scenic route. Nothing really out of the way at all, just down a few more side-streets in my neighborhood and a few less main-ish roads. These are pretty streets too (hence the reason I wanted to drive down them instead of down the road that still has the crumpled up orange road barrel on the side of it. I prefer flowers to McDonald’s bags. So anyway. I was driving down this road, enjoying the shade from all the big trees and wishing that I could keep my lawn anywhere near resembling green, like these people, when out of the corner of my eye, I could SWEAR I saw a cat or a small dog running out into the road and it looked like I was about to clobber it with my back wheels. So, I did what any kitty and puppy lover would do, I slightly hit the brakes and make a little jerky action with my hands on the wheel, all the while getting this Jell-O feeling in my legs from all the adrenaline. (yeah, yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to do that, shut up, kthnx) After the split-second that all this took place in was over, I looked behind me and beside me and in my rear-view mirror looking for the poor little animal….and there was nothing there. It….it was… was my hand, okay? My hand. My freakin’ hand. Well, a reflection of it, at least. Since it was so shady from all the purty trees. Needless to say, I felt just a bit stupid.

We’re headed off to SC tomorrow for one of Rat’s TaeKwonDo thingies. That ought to be a fun 4 hour drive. Last time it was 90 mph nearly the whole way, except when we were stuck going about 5 for a good 20 minutes because some moron couldn’t drive and wrecked his car. By the time we got there, I opened the car door and nearly feel out. That’s a long drive going really fast. My butt fell asleep about 3 hours in. Thank goodness Chuck has cruise control. I’ve also decided to name my GPS Larry. Since my truck is already “Chuck”…get it? “Chuck and Larry”….as in “I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry”??? LOL I don’t know why but that just tickles me.

After Rat does his TKD thang (southern word) we’re packin’ Chuck back up and headin’ to Carowinds! To celebrate our 7th Anniversary! It’s actually on Sunday, so I’ll be driving home on our actual anniversary, but at least we’ll only have to drive 3 hours that day instead of 4.

Speaking of driving 3 hours….I decided to drive to my home town last friday to visit my parent’s and take them their anniversary present (their anniversary is 6 days before ours). I got them a tea olive plant. The lady at the plant place (technical term) said that when they bloom, they still look very unassuming, but they smell like apricots! She said that they usually bloom in the spring, but can have blooms all through the summer and fall too. Since they didn’t right now, they don’t smell like anything but plant, they had about 5 of them at the “plant place”, but she said they can’t keep them in stock when they bloom because people come in, smell them and immediately buy like, all they have! Some people even make entire privacy hedges with them (I said “I’m sure their neighbors appreciate that!” since they get the wonderful smells for free!). Even when not in bloom, these plants are really cute. They’re evergreen, so you don’t have what I call “a pile of sticks” in the winter. I’m thinking I might have to go back and get one….or three….for myself!

Time to go pack, I guess. Sorry this post was a little more boring than usual. I should have left all the typos in it! That would have made it a little more interesting. And then there would have been more funny than just me swerving to avoid hitting my own damn hand. That’s still embarrassing.


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