Barnmouse Blitherings


It’s been a very long weekend.

Some of you might have noticed that a big ol’ picture of dog treats showed up a few days ago without warning. LOL

I posted it to the wrong site.

Sorry ’bout that!


Rat and I have been ripping up old nasty light blue carpet (did I mention it’s 20 years old?) and padding, screwing down the floor so that all the seventy frillion squeaks go away, and putting in the new, pretty, clean, not 20-year-old flooring, all day yesterday and today.

I actually noticed that I posted the dog treats to the wrong site a little while after I did it, but just didn’t have the energy to fix it!

I’m case any of y’all have dogs and were enthralled by the treats, here’s the deal. I make them! By hand! They are all natural, healthy, human grade food treats (with extra love) and dogs just go nutty over them. (Shadow included, and he’s very persnickity) I had a site for the treats, but decided I needed a shiny new one, so here is the link if anyone’s interested:

Canine Confections

I would remove the accidental post, but eh…I’m still tired….I’m going to bed. *yawn*

Oh, and now that my oven is fixed (yes my oven AND my AC were broken at the same time. and yes, it was fantastic. and yes, that would be sarcasm) I can actually bake the treats again! Soooo….what are you waiting for?! Go check it out! Now! Yes! Seriously, now!


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