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Mouse + CHI = Pee in your pants excitement (and very hot thumb)
September 15, 2007, 1:14 am
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Guess what!  Just guess!  Go ooooon….give up?

I just purchased the second best electronical thing I girl with long, unruly hair could have!  (the first thing being an iPhone, of course)  I finally went out and got myself a CHI!  A CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

*spinning around with arms out squealing CHIIIIIIIIIII*

For those of you who don’t know what a CHI is, where ya’ been?  Under a rock? (is that commercial not hilarious!)  It’s a flat iron.  For you hair.  For MY hair!  For years I refused to buy one based on the fact that they cost like, a bajillion dollars and I have this awesome one from Target that pulls and burns my hair but WHATEVER IT COST THIRTY DOLLARS.  After being shamed (by myself) into finally going to a salon to get my hair cut, the guy (Bobby Rae, OMG, Fabulous!) used this leetle tiny CHI on my hair and it worked SOFAST and didn’t pull my hair at all.  I had always thought that I had to buy the big 2 inch version that of course cost not just an arm and a leg, but also my first born as well!  But apparently I could use the little 1 inch version that only cost me two of my limbs.  Whatever, I’m right handed anyway. 

So I used my brand new magical hair styling device just a few minutes ago (yes I know what time it is, shut up I had to wait for my hair to air dry because I am afraid of my hair dryer and now that I spent so much money on my CHIIIIIIIIII I am not allowing myself to buy anything else for my hair until I’m 80) and my hair is so smooth and shiny and pretty and okay, well my thumb hurts a little bit, but damn that thing gets a lot hotter than my other flat iron and I guess I know that now! (hello run-on sentences how are you I am good.  Hee!)

Anyway, when I bought it, as I was walking out of the store, I swear I was so excited I nearly peed myself! (hence the title)

Well now that my thumb is cooling off and it’s past 1 and my parents are coming up tomorrow and I still haven’t cleaned much (Look!  Bad sentence structure!  Woo!) I’m going to go play my DS and then go to sleep and probably dream about cleaning.

Here’s an adorable picture of Winston that I completely forgot I had.  Please forgive the badly stained carpet, it was a crappy, falling apart rental.


Whatever it is, I swear I didn’t do it!


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I’ve never understood why people want their hair flat as a board. That’s the way mine is every single day. Can’t hold a curl, not a single wave in it, I fight with it every day to try to do SOMETHING.

Comment by Shell

Well, to understand, you’d have to have hair like mine. Wavy, long, tons of body, and tangles if you look at it wrong! I think we pretty much all fight with our hair to do the one thing it doesn’t want to do! The grass is always greener!

Comment by barnmouse

I wonder if your CHI hair straigtner is made by the same CHI that makes the silk infusion hair stuff that I LOVE???? Is your straightner red???!?!! I always thought I had to buy the big, 3 inch rip your hair out straightners too until my cousin turned me on to her itty bitty salon bought straightner. It was love the first time I used it!

Comment by Sarah

Hmmm. You have me intrigued. My hair sounds similar to yours, minus the body. See, my hair looks like hair that wants to be straight. It’s super fine and thin and i can wrap a pony tail holder the size of my wrist around it 5 times. But then it’s all wavy, but not in a pretty way. usually blow drying it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

i’m going to look up this thing of which you speak.

Comment by rhiannon

Ahh, I just looked it up. I’m not sure I’m willing to sell that many body parts just yet.

Comment by rhiannon

Sarah – YEP! That’s them! They make flat irons, hairdryers, and really good products for hair.

rhiannon – I’ve been wanting one of these for yeeaaarrrssss and finally, FINALLY came up with enough cash for one. Even then, it still took me a long time to actually go and spend the $$. It is great though. My hair won’t even blow dry halfway straight, so if I want my hair straight, I’ve had to use a cheap-o straightener that feels like it’s ripping your hair out! Ouch! Never again! Yay!

Comment by barnmouse

I have a great flat iron that I just love, and yeah, my thumb will get kinda numb when I flat iron my hair every day….the numbness just kinda stays 🙂 Beauty is pain!!
Love the kitty pic!

Comment by Arlene

LOL! Beauty is pain! Love it! 😉

Comment by barnmouse

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