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Things on the Road Thursday! OMG!
September 27, 2007, 8:47 pm
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I am soldiering on, even with my grievous injuries.  So!  Things on the Road Thursday!  Moving on.


I had been waiting for one of these.  And I found one! (a few months ago actually…sorry)  The picture is a little bit blury (hello top-of-the-line cell phone camera!) and a little bit….uh…reflection-y…but it’s clear that that is a “NO For Sale Vehicles – Towing Enforced” sign, with a large vehicle with a large “FOR SALE” sign on it.  A friend of mine called me about this a few days after I took the picture, so obviously the “enforced towing” takes a while.


Look!  A shovel!  Anyone want a shovel?  Anyone missing a shovel?  I happened upon this while on a walk with Shadow.  This isn’t technically “on the road” but the road is behind this about ten feet up.  Kinda makes you wonder what someone was doing with a shovel in the creepy tunnel thing.


You might have to look a little harder at this picture to figure out why exactly I took this picture, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you.  That would be wood putty they’ve used to seal up that back window.  Yup.  Wood Putty.  The stuff you use on….WOOD.  I can’t imagine that worked very well for them.


And my personal favorite…..the upside-down trailer attached to the non-upside-down truck.  This just cracks me up.  I know it had to suck for the guy driving, but I guarantee he won’t come down that off ramp that fast again!  I wish my phone camera didn’t suck so much and this picture was a little clearer.  I did all I could with my photoshop (considering I have no idea how to use it!!! Hee!).

So there you have it!  Finally!

Now I must go rest.  This was just way too much work.

Oh, and if anyone happens to find anything that would fit in with Things on the Road Thursday, Post it!  Just don’t forget to link back to here.  Maybe TOTRT will grow into a fin thing for everyone to do! 🙂


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The shovel thing kinda creeps me out too. Any missing persons in your area because I bet you know where they might be buried.

Comment by Shell

I have some good pictures for Things on the Road. I just don’t know how to link anything…..

Comment by Sarah

Sarah – I can’t remember how to link things on blogger! I’ve only been on wordpress for a few months and already my blogger knowledge has disappeared. LOL I think there’s a button that looks kind of like two pieces of chain hooked together. You highlight what you want to link and then click that button and fill in the site url where it has a space for the address.

Comment by barnmouse

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