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September 28, 2007, 12:46 am
Filed under: general wonderment

People of the Internets…I present to you, my very first cheesecake!


Not bad, eh?

Right then. Who’s coming over for dinner?

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You did a great job! My first one collapsed in the middle. I was so pissed.

I won’t make it for dinner but here’s my address and you can mail it to me. Shell in Houston, Tx. They should know who I am…

Comment by Shell

me, me, I want dinner. I dont care where! woohoo!

Comment by jill

I’m so impressed, it’s a real baked cheesecake! And it’s sooo purty! (You didn’t show it as a teaser and are really going t fieed it to the dogss are you?)

Comment by Susan

Mmmmm, cheesecake is my most favorietest EVER!!!!!

Comment by Arlene

Aww! Y’all are so sweet! If you lived any closer, I’d find a way to mail ya’ some! (it’s very tasty, btw!)

Comment by barnmouse

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