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Dear Every Man Out There…
October 22, 2007, 12:12 am
Filed under: it was all his fault, whineyness

Do you really think that constantly reminding us that we’re in a “bad mood” will magically get us into a good mood??? What kind of logic is that? Tell us we’re pretty. Tell us our hair looks great. Ask us if these are new shoes and don’t they make our feet look small and lovely.

Pretty much the worst thing you can do when we are in a bad mood is say “wow you’re in such a bad mood”…”why are you so pissy?”….”bad mood”…”bad mood”…”blah blah blah yakkety yak yak yak” shut up! I would have totally been out of my bad mood by now if you hadn’t kept reminding me of what a bad damn mood I’m in.



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i agree. i’ve been off the pill for a couple of months now after having been on it for 6 years. umm yeah the cramps are worse than i remember. and in god awful odd places too. i keep telling the hubby, it hurts to bend over, it hurts to be hugged around the middle, yada yada, i’m just cranky in general. but at least i recognize it and say sorry, i didnt mean to say insert snotty comment here. immediately! but he goes off and doesnt automatically apologize. its like umm thanks for calling me a retard. i thought we didnt name call. uhh. yeah i’ll remember that and do better. at least he was sincere. but. jeez. what a butthead! like i need to feel worse about myself at this current point in time! argh! hey at least he acknowledges! that he did something wrong and apologizes! even if i DO have to point it out first. that’s a step in the right direction!

Comment by jill

My Boyfriend used to do that too and I guess after I really ripped him a new one once about saying I’m in a bad mood he now asks “What can I do to help whatever is bothering you?”. Much better. But then it makes me feel like shit because it’s a subtle “You’re in a bad bitchy mood”. Can’t get mad at him for that.

Comment by Shell

No, seriously. Telling me I’m in a bad mood automatically makes me like 100x bitchier. Luckily Andrew never says that because I would have to kill him.

Comment by Sarah

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