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MMMM…..Good! Now with updates!!!
October 27, 2007, 8:01 pm
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I think.

**YES!!! Very tasty! I can hardly keep from scarfing down an entire jar!

It’s still too hot to taste.

Too hot to touch actually, so I had to use an oven mitt to open the cans. But I just I let them sit on a cutting board for about 30 minutes, and then I had had all the waiting I could take.

First, the cans in the simmering water:


Fast forward 3 loooong hours…


And here are the cans out of the water. I noticed something odd when I took the cans out though…


Hmm. Why can I still see the cans in there? Hopefully that will come off….eventually.

And now…the moment we’ve all been waiting for….*drum roll please*


When I opened these, I got this blast of ooey gooey caramely goodness smell. *mouth watering*

When it cools off enough for me to take it out of the cans, I’ll take more pictures. And then of course, when I figure out what I’m going to do with it (probably brownies….or maybe dipping fruit in it….or over cupcakes….the possibilities are pretty much endless at the moment) I’ll be posting many more pictures for you all to drool over! Hey! It’s easy to make! Nothing except adding more water when needed is involved. Y’all should try this. Post some pictures of what you make (just remember to take the labels off before heating!) and make us all drool! Hee hee


It’s finally cooled off! (FINALLY!!!) And I’ve taken it out of all the jars and kind of mixed them all together (even though it’s all the same thing) just to get a nice creamy consistency….


I know, right? God help me, I’m gonna eat the whole bowl.

After stirring a little bit, I spooned it into jars I had left over from making jam a while back.


I couldn’t waste a drop so I had to find a teeny little container for even the littlest amount that would have been left in the bowl.

So there you have it! Dulce de Leche! YUM!!! Now all I have to do is do something with it! I’m pretty sure this will be something I do again and again. This would even be something great to give as a gift (larger jars, maybe)!

To sum up, from what I’ve heard, a small jar of this costs $8+ at the few places that sell it. (That’s one of those jars in the picture or smaller). And you have to find a specialty store that actually sells it. Even in the Mexican grocery stores, it’s not cheap. But the entire batch that I made cost me a grand total of $4. Granted, it took some time, and just the smallest amount of effort (keeping the cans submerged and the water at a simmer for THREE HOURS (longest three hours of my life)) and a heck of a long time to cool (okay, maybe that was the longest three hours of my life…maybe 4) but the end result is totally worth it. I’d say if you have a Saturday or Sunday free and feel like making something unusual that is just out of this world! This is your project!

The end!

Next it’s on to some doggy treats tomorrow and then maybe a turkey if I can make up my mind which one to make.

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So you made all that dulce de leche and then did nothing with it??!? Are you mad woman??

Comment by Shell

Oh my god…. I’m drooling over here. I love me some caramel! I’m soooo going to try that this weekend!

Comment by Sarah

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