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October 27th…the new cooking day?
October 27, 2007, 6:00 pm
Filed under: drop the cupcake and no one gets hurt

Okay…while my now-developing dulce de leche sauce stuff (nice name, huh?) simmers away on the stove for about another hour, I’m left sitting on the couch tapping my fingers and reading a rather boring issue of People.

So now I’m trying to pick which turkey recipe I’m going to make with my practice turkey (considering the last time I cooked a turkey was three years ago). I figured I ought to brush up on my “turkey-makin’ skillz”.

Last time I used Alton Brown’s recipe where you brine the turkey and then roast it stuffed with aromatics (apple, cinnamon, onion, and some other stuff I can’t remember). It turned out sooo yummy and moist. And with NO basting, whatsoever! Like I’ve said before, low maintenance=happy me.

This year, I’m looking at trying Tyler Florence’s turkey with sage butter. This year, I’ve tried several of his recipes and have never been disappointed. An amazing occurrence considering how damn picky I am! I’ll give any 5 year old a run for their money! Hee! So, although I was very happy with how the first turkey came out, I’m still itchin’ to try a new one.

And hopefully I won’t forget to take all the icky stuff out before I cook it this year!


**Updates of the dulce de leche to come soon! I figured I’d wait until I had more than a picture of cans in a pan (rhymy!) to show you. So check back later. They should be done in about an hour. Although I’m not sure how long they will take to cool.

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My friend did the brine one last year. He didn’t stuff apples and all that in it but it still was great. Or it could have been horrible but we didn’t notice because by then we had three martinis…

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