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November 30, 2007, 3:26 pm
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I can’t believe I did it!  Wooo!!!!

*doing a happy little dance*

Every day in November (sometimes twice!)!

So, enough with the “I did it”-ness. 

I had my second PT appointment today and she realigned my pelvis again (it had gotten a bit off from the time before) and also realigned my…um…ass bone.  I can’t remember what she called it.  But I’m enjoying saying “ass bone”.  Hee. 

I feel SO much better than when I first started going (only 3 days ago!).  I can sit up straight!  I can lay down flat!  I can lay down on my stomach!  All of these are things that most people take completely for granted, but I haven’t been able to do them for YEARS!  Yay!

*doing another happy little dance*

At the end of my first appointment, my physical therapist gave me 3 different exercises to do.  At the end of THIS appointment, she gave me 5 more!  I’ll keep my pelvis straight in no time!

I told her that I felt so good when I left after my first appointment I was terrified that I would knock my pelvis out of place again driving over the bumps in the road!

Hee hee!

She laughed and said don’t worry, that driving over our horrible roads here shouldn’t affect it, and even if it does, she’s knows how to put it back where it belongs! LOL  She’s got quite the sense of humor, which is great, because with my social anxiety I tend to be a little skiddish around new people and new places.  I feel right at home with her, which is kind of necessary because I need to tell her where it hurts and how much and yadda yadda yadda.  I told her I grew up with the “walk it off” type parents and that kind of explained why this is the first time I’d ever been to PT.

Okay….enough of that now.  I feel great!  Let’s leave it at that.

Anyone else decorating for Christmas?  I can not stop myself.  I’m addicted to putting bows on things.  I’ve already wrapped my mom’s present!  I’d tell y’all what it is, but she occasionally reads this.  We’ve also ordered my dad’s present, but it hasn’t gotten here yet.  We ordered some other stuff from the place we ordered my dad’s gift from and for some reason “the place” (he reads this too sometimes) decided to mail out all our stuff in separate boxes or packages.  Rat ordered something for me at the same time, so now, I’m not allowed to open anything that comes!  So not fair!!!  And I still can’t open the big heavy box that my brother-in-law and his family gave me.  It’s wrapped and sitting on the kitchen table (since we don’t have a tree yet) MOCKING ME.  It might as well be following me around the house like Winston, rubbing up against my leg, saying “open me… me…..Rat won’t notice….”.

Damn self control!!!!  Damn will power!!!!

I’m quickly going crazy.

Happy end of November y’all!



1986 Called….
November 29, 2007, 8:11 pm
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I just got a freakin’ chain letter, y’all.


Does anyone here know a Florence S. Richards from VA?  Because I sure as hell don’t.  And while I’m at it, frankly, I really don’t appreciate being sent this crap from some lady I don’t even know.  And also, they have my name and address (obviously).  I don’t really care for that either.

If you’re reading this Florence, speak up now to explain yourself or forever be made fun of here as the crazy lady sending out chain letters to people who don’t know you.

That is all.

Oh, and P.S. don’t send me anything else unless you want something unpleasant coming back.

P.P.S. I have a very large dog who eats very large amounts of food.  He has no problem donating to the cause.

*Clouds Parting* *Angels singing*

My back!  Is……is better!!!!

I am in complete shock.

So I went to my physical therapy appointment today.  My physical therapist is SO nice.  I felt completely comfortable with her, which is odd because I rarely feel even half-way comfortable with anyone.

She poked and prodded and asked me tons of questions about my back and when it started hurting (I always feel so stupid saying “uh…10 years ago” and “no, I don’t have any x-rays”) and how much it hurts (uh…a LOT) and other stuff I can’t remember because I have no brain lately.

Then she had me lay down on this padded table and she messed with my hip bones and then I turned over and she poked around my back.  Then I had to stand up again and bend to the right and bend to the left and twist around.  And she also wanted to see how far I could bend over (I know, stop laughing).

Anyway, she said that I have great flexibility and range of motion and that I don’t need any work on that (Yay!  I’m bendy, people!).

Then she said that she was going to “put me on heat” for 10-15 minutes, which she did and ohmigod I had to try so hard not to fall asleep.  Even thinking about it now, I’m yawning.  After about 15 minutes, she came back and took away my handy dandy wedge pillow (I have no other idea what to call it) and had me lay flat on my back and scoot to one side of the table where she proceeded to pull my leg in odd ways and had me “lift and hold” when she said to. 

(this is starting to sound weirder and weirder)

After she was done she told me to stand up and walk around and see how I felt.

Wow.  No pain!


Apparently, my pelvis was um…bent (?) backwards and also twisted.

Nice, huh?

She said that bones are made to fit together in a certain way and that when one gets out of whack, even a little bit, not nearly as much as mine was, that it can be not such a nice thing.  So no wonder I’ve been in so much pain.

So!  Now I have 3 exercises that I have to do and twice a week PT appointments for 3-4 weeks and then?  Maybe good as new?  Okay….at least as good as “certified pre owned”.

We’ll see how that goes.

Interesting post replaced with…well…this.
November 27, 2007, 11:36 pm
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I had something I was going to write about today, but between the time I thought of it (mid afternoon) and now (kind of late) I have completely forgotten what it was.  So instead of the humorous, brilliant, enlightening post I was going to write, I’ll just tell y’all about my doctor’s appointment today instead.  Aren’t y’all thrilled?  I know I am.

So, a few weeks ago I had my first doctor’s appointment about the pain in my back.  I had to go get x-rays so the only thing they could do was guess at what was probably wrong (since their x-ray glasses hadn’t come in yet!  Ha!).  The doctor gave me four possibilities given the pain and where it was and yadda yadda yadda.

1. a group of pinched nerves, 2. a muscle that was constantly getting sprained and spasming (fun!  like dealing with a sprained ankle all the time with no crutches), 3. actual broken bones in my back, or 4. a disk that was out of whack or some sort of thing (I had tuned at at this point…I think I saw something shiny or some such thing…).

So after my initial appointment, I was sent to get x-rays and then to get two prescriptions.  An antiinflammatory and a muscle relaxer.  I was also supposed to set up my first of many physical therapy appointments, which I did not do because they only set them up a week in advance and since I was doing the whole Thanksgiving thing here, I had no time the whole week before Thanksgiving.  So, that’s tomorrow at 2.

Anyway, got the x-rays taken and the paper that the Dr had given me to give to the x-ray technician person said to send the x-rays directly to my doctor.  So what did they do?  They put my x-rays on a disk and gave them to me.  Uh.  OK.  And I do what with these?  So I just took them by the doctor’s office myself.  Just in case.

So.  After the Dr looked at my x-rays today, he said they looked pretty good.  Which I guess is between “great” and “oh my God how are you still standing up”.

He also said that he doesn’t think it’s pinched nerves, since the pain isn’t traveling down my leg.

But then, instead of leaving it narrowed down to 2 options, he added two more!  Great.

I had to tell him that neither medication he prescribed was doing anything and actually my back hurt worse at the time of my second appointment than it did during the first one.  And both times, my back has hurt worse after the appointment was over than it did when I got there because of all the poking and prodding and the “does it hurt now?” and me just being able to mutter the sound “AHHHH”.

So now he says that it could also be something wrong with the muscles in that part of my lower back or it could be something wrong with the joints.  He also gave me a (much) stronger prescription for antiinflammatories (I have no idea how to spell that, people…sorry) and said to see if that helps and to start the PT, which is tomorrow, so I’m pretty much all over that.  He also said to wait and see if that helped a little bit (or a lot) before prescribing a stronger muscle relaxer because those things are damn expensive and if it’s not the muscles then I’m just blowing money on more and more pills that won’t help.  He also said that I might actually need shots directly into the muscle to help with the pain, and I’ve got to say, I don’t think I’m diggin’ that idea very much.

Big needle in my back.  Um.  Yeah.  No thank you.


Get away frum me wif dat needul, kthanxbye.

So anyway.  Like I said, I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow at 2 and another appointment with “The Doc” on the….umm…I forgot…like in 3 weeks.  I’ll have to go check the appointment card and I just don’t feel like getting up right now because when I do, the kittehs are going to think it’s dinner time and they’re going to be all over me and whining and driving me crazy and….uh….huh?  Where was I going with this?  I forgot.  Oh, I don’t want to get up to get my appointment card.  Yeah.  It’s like…waaay across the room.

Dammit Janet!
November 26, 2007, 11:52 pm
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Why do I keep forgetting to post until 10 minutes before midnight? Then it’s all “ohmiigah”! I must rush rush rush to get my post in under the wire! It’s the 26th day, and I’ve made it this far. It would be stupid to mess it all up now.

So here is my short little post, just trying to get in under the wire.

Nothing happened today. We went to the dump to get rid of our exercise machine. Yep. Most people’s New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more and lose weight. And here we are throwing away our (expensive) exercise machine turned cat scratching post. Hey, at least I never made it my clothes rack like my parent’s did with their’s!

I’m still working on the baby blanket for my friend (or my friend’s baby, whatever).

I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ve cleaned the kitchen since after I cleaned it up then. Not that I’ve cooked much either. Tonight’s menu? Hotdogs. Rat’s choice.

My next doctor’s appointment is tomorrow to discuss my x-rays and such and I have the fun task of telling him that the mild muscle relaxers aren’t doing anything for my back. I’m always afraid I’ll come off like some kind of drug seeker. We’ll see how that goes.

That’s all folks!

November 25, 2007, 7:01 pm
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For the last few days, around this time, I think it’s about 9 or 10 pm.  Then I look at the clock and find out it’s only 7.  Hmm.  I’m not sure what’s happened to me.  I didn’t get on a plane and fly across the country.  I didn’t drive to a different time zone.  I didn’t even drive at all!

So why is my internal clock so messed up?

I have been getting up earlier than usual.  Maybe that’s it.

I dunno.

What I do know is that I’ve had a migraine for most of today, so this is all I’m writing.  But at least I wrote something.  Every. Damn. Day.  Thank goodness November is almost over.  Although I will try to post more than usual in December and continue on into the new year.

But for today?  I’m done.

I know. I suck.
November 24, 2007, 10:11 pm
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I’m really slacking off here lately.  Even though I am posting every day, lots of them have seemed kind of half-assed lately, and I apologize for that.  With Thanksgiving and all the cleaning and baking and cooking that had to be done in preparation, I just really haven’t had the time to sit down and write all the long, side-splittingly hilarious posts that I want to write.

Also, my little Ebenezer has been feeling a little bit under the weather and I’ve been trying to spend some extra quality snuggle time with her.  She’s feeling better now though (scratching on the cardboard scratchy thing at the moment).

Rat and I are getting ready to watch a movie (his pick, so I’m a bit worried). 

And, in case any of y’all were wondering (which I’m sure you weren’t) but my damn eyes are still twitching.  The right one is twitching in the bottom outer corner and the left one is twitching in the upper inner corner.  So I pretty much look like a circus freak right now.

As for Thanksgiving, the FOUR kids (I always have to write that in all caps) were surprisingly well behaved and I actually understood what the 2 year old was saying!  I have a 4 year old nephew that I STILL can’t understand.  He says something and I just look at him with this terrified look on my face.  I can’t tell if he asked for juice or if the house is on fire!  It doesn’t help that he has THE most country accent I’ve ever heard in my life.  And I was practically raised in a barn.  That’s sayin’ something!

I keep finding little bits of squished, dried out food on the floor, but other than that I don’t think they broke, scratched, or otherwise disfigured anything.  I am amazed.

Since my brother-in-law and his wife and family live out of the state, they were smart and went ahead and brought our Christmas presents (we’re dumb and broke so we didn’t actually have anything for them yet, although the kids did take $30 of stuff from the dollar store with them….supposed to leave it here, but whatever….I’m not bitter.  I didn’t want to color.  I’m find.) so now I have a big, heavy Christmas present that I just want to open So. Damn. Bad.  It’s just sitting there.  All green and red.  Mocking me.  This is going to drive me crazy.

That’s about all I’ve got right now.  Aside from the fact that on Thanksgiving, while pealing the potatoes for the mashed potatoes, I peeled the tip of my fingernail off.  But no worries, it went down the sink.  That was an unpleasant experience.