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November 2, 2007, 8:26 pm
Filed under: drop the cupcake and no one gets hurt

Today has gone slightly better than yesterday. I think there’s a limited number of steps I can take without my back hurting and yesterday I used them up long before I did today. But that’s boring, so let’s talk about something else.

What did everyone do for Halloween? Who dressed up? Candy? Buckets full? Check!

Shadow dressed up like a dog treat again. And after a few years, it’s still just so damn funny! I took pictures, but they’re still on my camera and it’s a few feet away from me and I’m just not willing to reach that far.

Here are a few pictures that I already downloaded from my camera. Anyone up for some filler?


Sadly, this is the best picture I took of the pumpkin I carved. The little flicker light I had in it kept flickering (I should have known) and I kept snapping the picture when the flicker was at it’s lowest level. The pictures of it with the flash on don’t look all that great, so I won’t subject y’all to those. Anyway, it’s a witch!


The cornbread stuffing I was going to make for my turkey called for “cornbread muffins” which I could not find anywhere. So! I made them. They were surprisingly pretty and not bad.


Here are six of the aforementioned muffins cubed. Anyone else want the other six? I have no idea what to do with them and I know no one here who likes cornbread.


And in keeping with the theme we have going, here they are mixed with the caramelized onions and…um…other stuff, in my pretty little baking dish.


Okay….last one of the cornbread stuffing, I swear. Here it is cooked. Looks surprisingly like it did before it was cooked. Hmm.


And here is my beautiful turkey with sage butter! Lovely, yes?


All cut up and looking yummy. I can taste it now!


And let us not forget dessert. Here is a picture of the brownies I made with my dulce de leche sauce, that I totally made all by my little self. Yay me! And they are TASTY!

Alright y’all. That’s all me and my poor busted back can take at the moment.

Hope you guys are have a good weekend. I know mine’s going to be peachy.

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um if you havent already ditched them, like um freeze them for the next time you do this. this is the practice run, right?

Comment by jill

I LOVE cornbread!!!!! I eat it with honey butter or in chili. Oh so yummy!!!!!! Oh how I wish I was your neighbor right now….

Comment by Sarah

Yummmmmm…cornbread muffins with butter and jelly. Oh mama.

Comment by Beth

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