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Finally, very nearly, almost, kinda back to Normal
November 5, 2007, 11:09 pm
Filed under: Canine Confections, drop the cupcake and no one gets hurt

I finally got around to making some dog treats that I promised to my bloggin’ buddy (that I promised like…uh…last week? maybe? sometime? I don’t remember). Well, come to think of it, I promised them to her dog, not her. Although…a few people who have tried the treats say they’re pretty darn tasty!

Anywho, I baked the treats (since she’s got an itty bitty dog I had to bake itty bitty treats, but lucky for me “itty bitty” is one of the sizes that my treats come in! Other sizes include “Dogzilla” for those “Shadow-sized dogs” and “Regular” because I couldn’t come up with anything clever for that one) and I just finished adding the final “carob touch” to make them extra cute!

I haven’t taken any pictures of them yet, I have to sort through and find the cutest ones, which is going to be hard to do because they’re all pretty gosh darn cute! I’ll add some pictures tomorrow (just so I can get two posts out of it, I mean uh, not so I can get two posts out of it but because my back hurts and the camera is waaaay over there and the treats are in the kitchen….yeah).

So anyway! I’m going “home” (my hometown) on Wednesday to visit The Granny, and The Parents and possibly eat some of The Ham (okay, that one didn’t have to be capitalized, but whatever, just go with it). For some reason I still call my hometown “home” even though my real home is here, where I am now. And the ham? I mean The Ham? Yum! My mom makes THE BEST ham, EVAH! I’m hoping that my dad leaves me a little for Wednesday. Seriously Dad, PLEASE!

Hmm. I guess that is all for now.

P.S. Someone please make me stop eating all the leftover Halloween candy! My jeans are begging you.

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i like ham thats been roasted in the oven, but i really like it from the grill too. mmmm. grilled ham. and i say home, and now my hubby does too, when we’re there, its definitely home, and when we’re here, i try and say, back to mom and dads or something because i dont want my hubby to think that i dont think where he is is home, because it is (it would be more home if it wasnt an apartment in town).. anyway, we dont call his folks as home at all. i dont know why. i guess he doesnt consider that home anymore. but he considers my folks place as kind of home. odd.

Comment by jill

how about strong for the middle sized biscuits or.. umm… lassie sized? or medium? or.. i dont know. that is hard!

Comment by jill

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