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Fun Times
November 6, 2007, 2:33 pm
Filed under: electronics are out to get me

Our carbon monoxide detector just told me that it’s batteries are running low.

Would you like to know how it told me this?

By emitting a high pitched scream for about 5 minutes.

I nearly peed myself.

I thought our house was going to explode.

Yeah, fun times.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I had just gotten out of the shower?

Now my eye is twitching.  Great.


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ooh lots of people are having bad days. i hope you can’t catch it through blogs.. sorry!

Comment by jill

Ours went off like that one time too! Only it did it for hours and we thought there was carbon monoxide somewhere. Finally we realized it was the battery light that was on, not the warning light. Not fun. I feel for you.

Comment by Sarah

jill – Thanks. At this point, I need all the good wishes I can get! LOL

Sarah – Oh man! Thank God this thing stopped going off after a few minutes. I probably would have just gone to Starbucks or something! LOL

Comment by barnmouse

What did the cats thing of that? Right after we moved to where we live now we discovered that the smoke detector goes of if you take a really hot shower and forget to turn the fan on and then forget to close the door when you leave the bathroom. Squirt ran through the hallway with his ears back and dove under the bed.

Comment by rhiannon

rhiannon – Surprisingly enough, I didn’t see much of the cats after that for a few hours! LOL A few years ago, our dryer broke and made a “machine gun sound” and Ebenezer totally freaked and wouldn’t go back into the kitchen for DAYS after that! 😛

Comment by barnmouse

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