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Screw Today…Seriously
November 7, 2007, 11:55 pm
Filed under: Public Humiliation

On the way to my parent’s house I got a freakin’ ticket. GAH! I was totally going with the flow of traffic. I just happened to be the one the state trooper decided to single out and “teach a lesson” to. I’ve been waiting to write my post today trying to will something good to happen so I could get in a better mood and write about that, but so far, nothing. This just hasn’t been my day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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Oh girl…tickets just kind of ruin your whole day. I’ve gotten so many of them that now I just kind of blow it off…until the court day and then I run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get approved to take defensive driving.

Take defensive driving online! The one I did you can take like a month to do it. We had to do six sections that were an hour long each so every night I would just make myself do one section so it didn’t seem like so much torture.

Comment by Shell

Definitely take Traffic School or Defensive Driving or whatever you call it back there! Other wise your insurance rates will go up. Fighting it is pointless ’cause it will be you against the officer and the court will take the officer’s side 97% of the time. If I was allowed to give advice to people at work I’d peddle Traffic School like crazy!

Comment by Sarah

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