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Just one more whiney post about me being nervous and I promise I’ll get on to something interesting…
November 11, 2007, 9:55 pm
Filed under: whineyness

My back appointment is tomorrow and Rat and I are both sick.  Uck.  At least it’s not until 2:30, so maybe we’ll start feeling a little better before then.

So.  As before, I am getting more and more nervous by the hour.  I really hope they don’t find something really wrong (lots of “really”s huh?).  Really!  I hate not being about to go to the gym.  We’ve only been members for about 6 months and I was finally starting to see some changes.  I’d hate to lose all that time and effort.  Also, I think there’s a permanent butt print in this couch, I’ve been sitting on it so long!

In other news, we had our Spiderman movie Extravagaaaaanza *jazz hands* yesterday.  If you thought that meant that Rat made me watch all three Spiderman movies in one day, you’d be correct.  I’m just about Spidey’d out.

This posting every day thing is really taking it’s toll on my blog material.  I’m quickly running out.  Hence the 5 bajillion posts about my back.  *sigh*

Hopefully I’ll see some interesting characters at the doctor’s tomorrow!


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Hope you feel better and the appointment goes well. I loathe going to the doctor.

Comment by triadandtroo

Aww…thanks. I loathe going to the doctor too. That’s why it’s taken me 11 years to go for my back. Whoops!

Comment by barnmouse

Hopefully they won’t stick too many needles in your back…ooopps! Did that make you nervous? You think they will give you shots? Lots of shots? Huh? Huh?

I’m sure everything will be fine. He’ll probably just look at your back like they did with my sister and send you on your way with some really good painkillers and tell you to keep working on that indention on the couch for a little bit.

Comment by Shell

LOL! Thanks! 😛 I actually don’t mind shots all that much unless they’re the big ass 8 inch long needles that look like the size of a ziti noodle! Ha! If I see the doctor with one of those, I don’t care how bad my back hurts, I’m outta there! lol

And yes, I am looking forward to the pain killers!!! Prepare yourself for some interesting blog posts about all the pretty colors! LOL

Comment by barnmouse

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