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Oh Happy Days

My cousin asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes. How wonderful is that? I’ll tell you how wonderful that is. Very! 🙂 Even though I’ve never actually met the girl! But I know my cousin and he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. So if he loves her, then so do I. So congratulations you two! Not that you’ll ever read my blog or anything!

In other news, I keep forgetting to get trash bags at the store. I’ve had it on my list for DAYS now and every time I go to a store or pass one, the thought of “trash bags” completely jumps out of my head. Then immediately pops up and says “hi” as soon as I walk through the door to my house. Which makes me smack myself in the forehead and go “AHH!”. Which is getting to be not fun. And kinda painful.

SO! When I go to pick up Rat at TaeKwonDo tonight, I will go 10 minutes early and get some damn trash bags! And hopefully, I will remember that since I typed it out. But probably not.


I made scrambled eggs for dinner tonight and ran out of milk (days ago, whoops again) so I just went ahead and made them with no milk and lo and behold! Yummy! I think I’ll make them like that more often.

I’m one of those people who would be perfectly happy to eat breakfast for dinner every night. I love me some pancakes. I love me some waffles. I love me some french toast. And obviously, I love me some eggs! Although I’d say my favorite part of the dinner was the biscuits. Just random frozen biscuits. Nothing special, but still very nummy.


I have a four page list of cleaning chores to do before Thanksgiving.


And I don’t want to be cleaning Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving because I’m going to be cooking like crazy those two days to avoid having a melt down the day I have a house full of people.

I think I’ve marked off all of 7 things.

I should be cleaning now.

Actually, I should be leaving now to pick up trash bags! See? Me! Leaving now!

*running out door*




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My Mom used to do a full breakfast for dinner sometimes. I think you appreciate it more for dinner because I don’t know about you but for several hours after I woke up I’m just not really “there”.

Comment by Shell

LOL…yeah, I’m definitely not a morning person. I tried to do the “breakfast thing” before and we ended up with burnt bacon, dry eggs, and biscuits that weren’t done until we were halfway done eating. LOL Now I just make breakfast for dinner.

Comment by barnmouse

I love breakfast for dinner too! Especially at Denny’s or if I make homemade bisquits (sp??) and gravy. Yummy!

Comment by Sarah

Oh I wish I could get Rat to take me out for breakfast for dinner! He’s a steak and potato man though and kinda rolls his eyes whenever I make eggs and stuff for dinner! 😛 Big baby! Ha!

Comment by barnmouse

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