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Did I sleep through November?
November 15, 2007, 10:24 pm
Filed under: whineyness

There’s a house down our street, and um, I don’t know how to say this, but, uh, they have their Christmas tree up and y’all, it’s decorated.

Oh. My. Gah.

I could swear that it’s still November.

Did the muscle relaxers knock me out for that long?

Did I sleep through Thanksgiving?

I hope everyone had a good time.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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giggle. my hubby is practically giddy. he said, hey thursday’s thanksgiving right? yes dear, well, then we can put up our tree, right. yes dear. sheesh. poor thing. i dont know if i’ll do any black friday shopping or not. it depends on what is on sale where. and how i feel. since we likely wont be back home it will be smaller stores and more people – it’s always that way… so who knows. but my hubby still hasn’t sat with me and agreed on a budget, and until he does, i can’t go shopping. tough luck… you havent missed it. look for the gobbling turkey on your weather forecast.. please tell me you have one!

Comment by jill

There is this house I drive by and before halloween even came around they had a lit up reindeer and sled in there front yard…it is still there..

Comment by Carina

Thanks Jill! I was worried I had completely missed it! Hee hee!

Carina – Oh My Lord! A reindeer and sled before Halloween! I think my head would have exploded. But I guess I am one to talk, I’ve been listening to a Christmas CD I made last year. I’m sorry! I just can’t help myself!!

Comment by barnmouse

Every retail place around here is already decked out. I’m sick of Christmas already.

There was this guy that lived in my hometown and he had a plastic Santa, sleigh and reindeer in his tree all.year.long.

And now my parents neighbor…he’s too lazy to take down the wire snowflakes that light up that he put in his tree one year so they’re still there.

Comment by Shell

I hope for your neighbors sake that it’s a fake tree ’cause it’s gonna be awfully brown come Christmas time!

Actually, do they even sell trees this early?!?!

Comment by Sarah

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