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31 down, 55 to go.
November 16, 2007, 10:51 pm
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tThings to clean, that is.

Don’t expect any long, interesting, side-splittingly funny posts for the next week or so.  (did it sound like I just told y’all to not come by and read my site?  how dumb am I?)  I just have the feeling nothing particularly amusing is going to happen around here.  I have….MUCHO cleaning to do.  Not that I live in filth and squalor here or anything.  Well…at least not much

But y’all.  My mom is coming for Thanksgiving.  My MOM.  She promised not to bring her white gloves this year, but I wouldn’t put it past her to bring the off-white ones.

To be fair, some of the things on the list I’m going to try to pawn off on Rat.  Like…5 of them.   But I’m not so sure I can get him to do all of the outside stuff.  Again, to be fair (to myself this time) I did some of the outside stuff today already.  Like trimming our neighbor’s trees that hang over our fence (almost to the ground).  They don’t seem interested in doing the “neighborly thing” and trimming their own damn trees.  Especially the dead one.  Quick side story:  Year before last, we had a HUGE wind storm and it blew most of one of our neighbor’s trees over onto our fence and into our yard.  It didn’t completely break apart from the trunk (which was pretty much all that was left), but was left hanging over our side of the fence.  During the process of the top of the tree departing the bottom of the tree and the neighbor’s yard, it put a big ol’ dent in our fence and damaged a few of the planks beyond repair.  I left their tree hanging over our fence for several days, trying to give them time to remove it or at least come over to our house and ask to help pay for the repairs to the fence.  After it became quite clear they weren’t going to do squat to help us out, I cut the big hunk of tree off and hauled it around to the front yard so I could cut it up and have the yard waste people take it away.  Then I fixed the fence.  So my dog wouldn’t kill their dog and possibly their children.  I used to like our neighbors.  They just kind of tick me off now.

So, I’ve trimmed the neighbor’s trees.

And cleaned a bunch of other stuff today.

Also, I have made the world’s best gravy.  The World’s Best Gravy.  I am not kidding.  I don’t even like gravy.  But I like this gravy.  It is excellent.  And one less thing for me to worry about come the big day.  And that is good.  Because I have woken up every day this week terrified that I forgot to pick up the ham.  I mean, panic-attack-terrified.  Until I realize that I really didn’t sleep through November and it’s NEXT Monday that I’m supposed to pick it up.  That doesn’t stop me from thinking the same thing about 4 different times during the day.

Okay.  That’s it for me.  I need to rest up for the cleaning extravaganza that will be Saturday.  Ugh.


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Your mom and my mom would get along great! My mom tries to keep her mouth shut but sometimes it just gets the best of her. I USED to keep an immculate house. Then Andrew came along…..

Comment by Sarah

My Mom isn’t the white glove type but she’s the type that says “Well THAT’S interesting” about anything in my place. The Buddha sitting on the coffee table (I like his smile) “Well THAT’S interesting”, the candles lined up on the bar “Well THAT’S interesting”. I’ve just learned to ignore it.

Hey…when you’re done with your place…I have this 600 Sq Ft apartment in Houston that needs a once over…

Comment by Shell

LOL…”well THAT’S interesting”. yeah, I can totally hear my mom saying that! 😛

Comment by barnmouse

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