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Blah blah blah cleaning blah blah
November 17, 2007, 11:19 pm
Filed under: vacuum cleaner kitties

I didn’t do half of the cleaning that I should have done today. I tried and tried and tried and spent most of my time trying to clean a rug that used to be my grandmother’s that her cat peed on and then my cat peed on. So there’s this one spot that is horrible. The rug is huge (16 x 10) so it’s difficult to clean. I ended up taking it outside and putting it on the deck. Then I broke out my carpet cleaner and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned that one stupid spot, only to find out that my carpet cleaner doesn’t have the suction that it used to and half the water that I put into the rug is still there. And it’s taking forever to dry. And I’m really hoping that it’s not going to rain tonight. *fingers crossed*

But enough on cleaning. I’m tired of cleaning. I’ve already been cleaning for days now.

I’m feeding my friend’s Super Model and Suds cats for a few days while they’re out of town. Their kitties are so cute. They’re brothers. They both eat out of the same bowl and it’s so adorable how they do it. They each have their spots and they know where their bowl is going to go, so they get “into position” before you even put the bowl down. After you put the bowl down, they stick their little heads into it and just munch away. It’s very cute. I’m not used to that. Ebenezer and Winston have to eat at separate ends of the kitchen, and around the bar so they can’t see each other. Or else they think that the other one has better food, so they switch off. But they can’t eat the same food because Ebenezer needs mushy food because of her tooth and Winston has to have dry light hairball control food (for obvious reasons).


Despite doing not a whole lot today, I’m sleepy. I think I’ll go curl up with the kitties.

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