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Can’t stop to think of a title. Must run like chicken with no head.
November 21, 2007, 10:18 pm
Filed under: whineyness

Seriously NaBloPoMo….bad month to pick for posting every day!

My eyes won’t stop twitching (yes, eyes…plural).  I keep thinking that tomorrow is not Thanksgiving.  It’s can’t be Thanksgiving.  It’s too soon to be Thanksgiving.  Where did the week before Thanksgiving go?  Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, THANKSGIVING!!!


Must go…….bake something?

Oh, and I baked THE most perfect apple pie earlier today.  THE most perfect apple pie.  Ever.  I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Also, I made beautiful yeast rolls.  I’ve made these every year for some years now and last year they come out slightly hockey-puck-ish.  I’m pretty sure it was the pan though, since they have come out perfect every year other than that one. 

Rat just suggested we go to Taco Bell. *eye roll*  Not for Thanksgiving! LOL  I meant, now.  What the heck, dude?  (yeah, I call him “Dude” sometimes…I can’t help it, I’m a child of the 80’s.  Just be happy I don’t still say “rad”.)  Anyway, Taco Bell?  Now?  I don’t know….I might just fold.  *tummy grumble noises*

Umm….I’ve got to go….uh…clean….something…in the car…..yeah.


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