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Interesting post replaced with…well…this.
November 27, 2007, 11:36 pm
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I had something I was going to write about today, but between the time I thought of it (mid afternoon) and now (kind of late) I have completely forgotten what it was.  So instead of the humorous, brilliant, enlightening post I was going to write, I’ll just tell y’all about my doctor’s appointment today instead.  Aren’t y’all thrilled?  I know I am.

So, a few weeks ago I had my first doctor’s appointment about the pain in my back.  I had to go get x-rays so the only thing they could do was guess at what was probably wrong (since their x-ray glasses hadn’t come in yet!  Ha!).  The doctor gave me four possibilities given the pain and where it was and yadda yadda yadda.

1. a group of pinched nerves, 2. a muscle that was constantly getting sprained and spasming (fun!  like dealing with a sprained ankle all the time with no crutches), 3. actual broken bones in my back, or 4. a disk that was out of whack or some sort of thing (I had tuned at at this point…I think I saw something shiny or some such thing…).

So after my initial appointment, I was sent to get x-rays and then to get two prescriptions.  An antiinflammatory and a muscle relaxer.  I was also supposed to set up my first of many physical therapy appointments, which I did not do because they only set them up a week in advance and since I was doing the whole Thanksgiving thing here, I had no time the whole week before Thanksgiving.  So, that’s tomorrow at 2.

Anyway, got the x-rays taken and the paper that the Dr had given me to give to the x-ray technician person said to send the x-rays directly to my doctor.  So what did they do?  They put my x-rays on a disk and gave them to me.  Uh.  OK.  And I do what with these?  So I just took them by the doctor’s office myself.  Just in case.

So.  After the Dr looked at my x-rays today, he said they looked pretty good.  Which I guess is between “great” and “oh my God how are you still standing up”.

He also said that he doesn’t think it’s pinched nerves, since the pain isn’t traveling down my leg.

But then, instead of leaving it narrowed down to 2 options, he added two more!  Great.

I had to tell him that neither medication he prescribed was doing anything and actually my back hurt worse at the time of my second appointment than it did during the first one.  And both times, my back has hurt worse after the appointment was over than it did when I got there because of all the poking and prodding and the “does it hurt now?” and me just being able to mutter the sound “AHHHH”.

So now he says that it could also be something wrong with the muscles in that part of my lower back or it could be something wrong with the joints.  He also gave me a (much) stronger prescription for antiinflammatories (I have no idea how to spell that, people…sorry) and said to see if that helps and to start the PT, which is tomorrow, so I’m pretty much all over that.  He also said to wait and see if that helped a little bit (or a lot) before prescribing a stronger muscle relaxer because those things are damn expensive and if it’s not the muscles then I’m just blowing money on more and more pills that won’t help.  He also said that I might actually need shots directly into the muscle to help with the pain, and I’ve got to say, I don’t think I’m diggin’ that idea very much.

Big needle in my back.  Um.  Yeah.  No thank you.


Get away frum me wif dat needul, kthanxbye.

So anyway.  Like I said, I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow at 2 and another appointment with “The Doc” on the….umm…I forgot…like in 3 weeks.  I’ll have to go check the appointment card and I just don’t feel like getting up right now because when I do, the kittehs are going to think it’s dinner time and they’re going to be all over me and whining and driving me crazy and….uh….huh?  Where was I going with this?  I forgot.  Oh, I don’t want to get up to get my appointment card.  Yeah.  It’s like…waaay across the room.


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