Barnmouse Blitherings

*Clouds Parting* *Angels singing*

My back!  Is……is better!!!!

I am in complete shock.

So I went to my physical therapy appointment today.  My physical therapist is SO nice.  I felt completely comfortable with her, which is odd because I rarely feel even half-way comfortable with anyone.

She poked and prodded and asked me tons of questions about my back and when it started hurting (I always feel so stupid saying “uh…10 years ago” and “no, I don’t have any x-rays”) and how much it hurts (uh…a LOT) and other stuff I can’t remember because I have no brain lately.

Then she had me lay down on this padded table and she messed with my hip bones and then I turned over and she poked around my back.  Then I had to stand up again and bend to the right and bend to the left and twist around.  And she also wanted to see how far I could bend over (I know, stop laughing).

Anyway, she said that I have great flexibility and range of motion and that I don’t need any work on that (Yay!  I’m bendy, people!).

Then she said that she was going to “put me on heat” for 10-15 minutes, which she did and ohmigod I had to try so hard not to fall asleep.  Even thinking about it now, I’m yawning.  After about 15 minutes, she came back and took away my handy dandy wedge pillow (I have no other idea what to call it) and had me lay flat on my back and scoot to one side of the table where she proceeded to pull my leg in odd ways and had me “lift and hold” when she said to. 

(this is starting to sound weirder and weirder)

After she was done she told me to stand up and walk around and see how I felt.

Wow.  No pain!


Apparently, my pelvis was um…bent (?) backwards and also twisted.

Nice, huh?

She said that bones are made to fit together in a certain way and that when one gets out of whack, even a little bit, not nearly as much as mine was, that it can be not such a nice thing.  So no wonder I’ve been in so much pain.

So!  Now I have 3 exercises that I have to do and twice a week PT appointments for 3-4 weeks and then?  Maybe good as new?  Okay….at least as good as “certified pre owned”.

We’ll see how that goes.

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Cool! No needles for you!

Now put down the computer and go do your exercises.

Comment by Shell

snicker. yup. i can see me bending over and mooning.. he he. moon.

Comment by jill

Yippee!!! I’m glad you feel better!

Comment by Sarah

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