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November 30, 2007, 3:26 pm
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I can’t believe I did it!  Wooo!!!!

*doing a happy little dance*

Every day in November (sometimes twice!)!

So, enough with the “I did it”-ness. 

I had my second PT appointment today and she realigned my pelvis again (it had gotten a bit off from the time before) and also realigned my…um…ass bone.  I can’t remember what she called it.  But I’m enjoying saying “ass bone”.  Hee. 

I feel SO much better than when I first started going (only 3 days ago!).  I can sit up straight!  I can lay down flat!  I can lay down on my stomach!  All of these are things that most people take completely for granted, but I haven’t been able to do them for YEARS!  Yay!

*doing another happy little dance*

At the end of my first appointment, my physical therapist gave me 3 different exercises to do.  At the end of THIS appointment, she gave me 5 more!  I’ll keep my pelvis straight in no time!

I told her that I felt so good when I left after my first appointment I was terrified that I would knock my pelvis out of place again driving over the bumps in the road!

Hee hee!

She laughed and said don’t worry, that driving over our horrible roads here shouldn’t affect it, and even if it does, she’s knows how to put it back where it belongs! LOL  She’s got quite the sense of humor, which is great, because with my social anxiety I tend to be a little skiddish around new people and new places.  I feel right at home with her, which is kind of necessary because I need to tell her where it hurts and how much and yadda yadda yadda.  I told her I grew up with the “walk it off” type parents and that kind of explained why this is the first time I’d ever been to PT.

Okay….enough of that now.  I feel great!  Let’s leave it at that.

Anyone else decorating for Christmas?  I can not stop myself.  I’m addicted to putting bows on things.  I’ve already wrapped my mom’s present!  I’d tell y’all what it is, but she occasionally reads this.  We’ve also ordered my dad’s present, but it hasn’t gotten here yet.  We ordered some other stuff from the place we ordered my dad’s gift from and for some reason “the place” (he reads this too sometimes) decided to mail out all our stuff in separate boxes or packages.  Rat ordered something for me at the same time, so now, I’m not allowed to open anything that comes!  So not fair!!!  And I still can’t open the big heavy box that my brother-in-law and his family gave me.  It’s wrapped and sitting on the kitchen table (since we don’t have a tree yet) MOCKING ME.  It might as well be following me around the house like Winston, rubbing up against my leg, saying “open me… me…..Rat won’t notice….”.

Damn self control!!!!  Damn will power!!!!

I’m quickly going crazy.

Happy end of November y’all!



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Oh my house is totally decorated for Christmas already! Except that we don’t have a tree yet but we’ll get there soon enough. Andrew only has half the lights up outside though because it turns out that our ladder isn’t tall enough for the job. As if we weren’t oakie enough before now we have lights on half our house!

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