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Just Being Lazy

I took a small break after NaBloPoMo.  Did y’all miss me?  No?  Yeah ya’ did.  You know it.

I have absolutely nothing to talk about, and I don’t want to talk about how I have absolutely nothing to talk about, so I won’t talk about how….well….you know….

So….I’ll talk about….umm…..marshmallows!

So, I figured out how to make them last year and they all turned out great.  I made strawberry ones, made with actual pureed strawberries that I pureed MYSELF.  They were so good.  You could really taste the strawberries.  I also made peppermint flavored marshmallows and very vanilla flavored marshmallows.  Not “Very Vanilla”, they were just very vanilla.  If that makes any sense.  Anyway, I left some of them uncovered and others I covered with melted chocolate.  I covered some peppermint ones with milk chocolate, some vanilla ones with dark raspberry chocolate, and some strawberry ones with caramel chocolate.  Also, I made fudge (these were Christmas gifts).  But we’re not talking about fudge.  That’s a whole nother entry (we have to pace ourselves). 

I’m not real sure why I’m writing about this other than the fact that I don’t want to write about how I have nothing to say.  I think it’s just been in my head lately what with Christmas right around the corner.  I spent all of November worrying about making my blog entry deadlines (Yay) and Thanksgiving so that kind of just flew by and I’m left sitting here looking confused saying “what do you mean ‘what do I want for Christmas’…it’s still October, right?”.  Nice run-on sentence, huh?

So I’m going to make the marshmallows again this year.  Last year, I was asking my mom about how many I should put to a package and who I should give them to and she said basically that it was a nice thought, but no one is going to want marshmallows for Christmas.  So, feeling a bit defeated, I only made small batches of the marshmallows per person. 

BIG MISTAKE!!!  My grandmother and great aunt (who are both kind of picky, but not at all compared to me! LOL) went through them like they were little white-haired wood chippers! (side note: I just sat up on the couch and five different joints popped in my back/hip area….wtf)  SO!  This year, no more listening to those who are older and wiser than me!  Oh no!  This year will be different!  I’m going to make a kitchen-full of marshmallows!  My counters shall be covered with marshmallows! 

Wait, getting a little overexcited aren’t I?

Well, Ebenezer or as we know her around here “She who hath the death breath”, is sitting next to me licking herself, so in order to not pass out and wake up in a puddle of my own drool (as opposed to someone else’s drool? I don’t know where I was going with that) I’m going to cut this short and go to bed.  Even though I’m not sleepy.  And kind of feel like baking something.  But I have another PT appointment tomorrow, so I should probably do my exercise things too.  Hmm…this post is becoming a bunch of random notes to myself.

Marshmallows!  WOOHOO!!!

Oh yeah, I also need to come up with a clever name for my marshmallows.  Any suggestions?  Y’all always have such great ideas!


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it would be nice if your name was marie or michelle (marie’s mallows).. but if not. cathy’s confections.. trina’s treats.. sally’s sweets.. does that help?

Comment by jill

i don’t know what you should call them but I want some. Or at least how do you make them. You should have a blog just for the recipe of it 🙂
umm..Merrymellows like merry christmas. nevermind.

Comment by Carina

Jill – Unfortunately, my name doesn’t start with any of those letters! LOL But it’s a good idea. I’ll start thinking on that one. 😉

Carina – That’s a good idea. I think I will take some pictures and post them here along with instructions. 🙂

Comment by barnmouse

today, martha stewart is doing fudge covered marshmallows on her show. here it shows right after the today show on nbc. just thought it might give you some ideas!

Comment by jill

Oh! I want the recipe too!

I think Merrymellows is cute!

Comment by Sarah

Strawberry flavored marshmellows sound yum. Unfortunately I would want the short cut version instead of the hand cut and puree your strawberries yourself.

I was wondering if you just decided to abandon blogging entirely after that whole month of posting. Glad I didn’t do it!

Comment by Shell

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