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I hope 2008 is a great year for us all. Lord knows it couldn’t be all that much worse than 2007. But we won’t start the New Year off with all that mess.

I’ve decided to do this whole “Blog 365” thing (hopefully I’ll make it past January 3rd), and I can’t actually see myself blogging every day of 2008, but damned if I’m not going to give it my all. The rules are a bit different than the NaBloblahblah thing, such as if you can’t get to your computer or have to go out of town unexpectedly or anything else happens to pop up, then you can just write a blog entry. Like on paper. Whatever that is. That will be helpful if something happens to pop up and we have to go out of town or if our internet explodes or something.

And now that I have my ***drum roll please*** iPhone!!!! (OMG I AM NOT KIDDING BUT I’M SAVING THAT FOR A LATER POST SINCE I WILL UNDOUBTEDLY RUN OUT OF THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT IN 2 DAYS) What was I saying? I get distracted by the beauty that is my iPhone. Even just saying the word “iPhone” *dreamy sigh*, I lose my train of thought. Oh, yes. Now that I have my *drool* iPhone, I can blog from anywhere I can get online! I know! It’s magic! Or something. Whatever it is, it’s beyond me.

So anyway, some of my posts will probably be pretty darn short, or cute pictures of the cats or dog, or maybe a Family Guy clip from You Tube (because God knows, I haven’t had enough milk shot out of my nose lately), but I’ll honestly give it my all to post something every. single. day.

Every. Single. Day.

Prepare to get extremely tired of me.



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hey the link on your ‘blog365’ page on the lower left doesnt go straight to this account. actually it doesnt go to much of anything…

Comment by jill

Thanks. I think it’s fixed now.

Comment by barnmouse

Woohoo! An iPhone! How exciting! Those are pretty cool. I’m just not willing to fork out the money quite yet…… I’ll probably get one right as the become uncool :).

Comment by Sarah

OMG, I didn’t even think I wanted one. Now I’m starting to have iPhone lust! You are SO LUCKY!

Comment by ctrymaus

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