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Up until about an hour ago, Rat was certain that my laptop was toast. After days of blaming me for whatever happened (what did you DOOOOO???) he finally admitted that it looked that my hard drive was absolutely shot. (nice…two years old and it’s already crap…you hear that Compaq???) On the way home from one of his classes tonight he said “I was reading today about [insert random-sounding computer speak here] and some guys think I should try it on your laptop” which lead me to say “you mean there might be a chance that I could have my stuff back???” and then we went back and forth about how I shouldn’t get my hopes up but I want to get my hopes up but it’s better to not hope for it because there’s such a slim chance but a slim chance is still a chance. Obviously I just wanted some sliver of hope to hang on to that I could have all the pictures of my Granny and my Great Aunt who turned 98 last month and all of Rat’s TaeKwonDo pictures and pictures of a dog that is no longer with us and ALLLLL of my music which came from so many places over the last decade (iTunes, CD’s I don’t even have anymore, downloads from when it was still legal to do that, etc etc etc….), pictures of Rat’s mother who died last year, and on and on and ON! Oh Noes! I lost mah eSheep!!! NOOOO!!!1!!

Anyway, he tried (whatever it was) and he could actually SEE some files! Like my music file! (minus the songs I bought from iTunes…money well spent…ha ha) So maybe…just MAAAAYBE I can recover some stuff! Yippeee!!!!

I’ve had a crappy couple of days and just that hope that I can have my stuff back makes my mood so much better.

So I had a post all written up about how much laptop was dead and all my stuff was gone forever, and then lo! The Computer Whisperer strikes again! And it was GOOD! */preacher voice* So that’s why this is posted late. Or at least my excuse as to why. Hee.

I hope 2008 is treating y’all better than it’s been treating me so far!

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I hope it all comes back for you! Music I can deal with losing (even though it was take me years to get it all back) but losing pictures would seriously break my heart. You just can’t replace pictures.

Comment by Sarah

Me too, hope it’s going to be okay!

eMusic lets you re-download things that you’ve bought from them at no charge; iTunes, ya gotta buy again.

Comment by ctrymaus

Sarah – yeah, music is always out there somewhere…even if I have to pay iTunes for it…AGAIN!!! You really just can’t replace pictures. You’re right about that.

ctrymaus – I KNOW!!! What’s up with that?! Stupid iTunes! 😛

Comment by barnmouse

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