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Yesterday, I bought my very first thing from Trader Joe’s.

Now, I have written about Trader Joe’s before.  And then when I walked in there for the first time, I wrote about my disappointment. (and also brown sugar glazed buffalo boogers…hee)

I’ve been in there a few times before yesterday, and the sheer amount of people in the tiny little store freaked me out to the point where I just couldn’t think about any else other than getting the hell out of there before I started to cry, or my ears started to bleed, or something else equally as traumatizing happened.

Heck of a run-on sentence there, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, when Rat and I had dinner at Super Model and Soon-to-be Mr Super Model’s house for dinner weekend before last we had cheese and crackers before dinner.  (They’re way classy like that.  When they come over here, they’re lucky if I throw them just plain crackers.  Hmm…appetizers!  What a novel idea! *making note to self*)  So they had several different kinds of cheeses.  One was a fig and (I believe) white cheddar, which Soon-to-be Mr Super Model made me taste (they’re well aware of my skidishness when dealing with new foods), and frankly, even though I smiled and said it wasn’t that bad…..*cough*itkindatastedlikefeet*cough*.  Soooo….yeah.  (and if you’re reading this, Super Model and the soon-to-be-mr….sorry…hee hee!)  Oh, yeah, my point.  Okay.  They had this other cheese…this double something cheddar with sun dried tomatoes and oregano that was just MWAH! *kisses fingers Italian style*  And wouldn’t you know, it was from Trader Joe’s. 

Damn.  I had to go back.

So apparently the crowds have calmed down a bit in the year that I’ve been avoiding the store.

The snootiness level, however, has just skyrocketed.  People!  Really!!!  Common courtesy!  Look around you before you go whipping that cart full of weird crap around and RIGHT INTO ME.  Oh, and don’t say you’re sorry or anything.  Just look at me like I’m in YOUR way and sigh and wait for me to walk around you.

I really have no idea why Trader Joe’s intimidates me so much.  I think it’s the over confidence and sense of entitlement that just oozes out of some of the people in there.  The check out girl, however, was so nice and one of those cute little chipmunk voices that I’m sure would get really annoying if you had to talk to her for a long amount of time.  But it was nice and refreshing at the time.

So…um..long story about cheese, huh?


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I like trader joe’s because it is cheaper than I would expect. My boyfriend was just asking for the stuff chicken from there today…

Comment by carina

i dont know anything about trader joes, but i totally get the ‘get me out of here’ feeling. i hate crowded places. thats why i shop at off peak times. thank god i figured that one out. it makes me want to leave the store completely forgetting everything and leaving it in the cart.. ahh!

Comment by jill

carina – it really was less expensive than I thought it would be! surprised me! (but in a good way for a change)

jill – I try to do that too. I tend to have a much larger than average space bubble and when some people get to the grocery store they tend to want to get close enough you can feel them breathing. I freakin’ hate that!!!

Comment by barnmouse

I’ve never stepped foot into a Trader Joe’s. I don’t even know where the closet one is! I hear they have good stuff but if it’s crowded forget about it! I always shop at the more expensive stores in town just for the luxury of having room to breathe, enough space for my cart, and general peace and quiet while I shop.

Comment by Sarah

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