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Real Post? Possibly.

So.  As I might have mentioned in the last 300 or so posts…I’m having computer problems!  But that’s boring!  So let’s talk about something else.

How about how Winston:


Yes, this adorable little kitty here, decided that jumping up on the dining room table (the NUMBER 1 NO NO in this house) to attack Ebenezer:


(who was ALSO not supposed to be up there) would be a fantastic idea.  What he did not factor in was how he tends to get his claws stuck in fabric-y-type things and we have a fabric-y-type table cloth (hence the name) on the table.

That idea resulted in a very long “crashy type” sound to come from the dining room and then the sound of 8 furry little legs trying to scurry away on the hardwood floor.  I managed to get into the dining room before Winston got completely away since he was stuck in the table cloth and drug it and the center piece and my grandmother’s candlesticks and some nice beeswax candles onto the floor.  I have pictures of this.  As evidence for the Animal Control people.  Because I was pretty sure I was going to kill him.

Since I caught him in the act, I chased him up the stairs, and then back down the stairs, and then in the living room, and then into the den where he realized he was caught and had to sit there and take the big, fat “NO!” that was coming to him.

So now the centerpiece looks like it’s been chewed on, one of my candles broke, and there is a big “cat claw” scratch in my EXPENSIVE AS HELL dining room table!  *sob*  But hey, those scratches go great with the ones that my brother-in-law’s kid put in there!  Don’t ask me how mad I am about that.  I mean, it would be one thing if the kid were sitting by herself, but she was sitting on my bil’s LAP!!!  And he let her pick up a knife and just start whacking away at MY TABLE!!!!  NOOOEEESSSS!!!!  NOT MAH PRESHUS TABLE!!!!

On a completely unrelated note, I learned how to crochet a granny square today!  Yay me!  (pictures of that to come too!)  My friend Queen B taught me how and I’ve been making them on and off ever since about 6.  I’ve got 7 of them now!  Then when I’ve got enough, I’ll have to take them back to her to show me how to put them together.  Yeah.  We have to go pretty slowly with me.  Hee.  I don’t know any of the abbreviations (or words really) on patterns, but I do know a few of the stitches (just not what they’re called), so we’ve come up with our own little lingo. 

Since I’ve been watching a lot of pool on tv lately (oh fine, billiards, 9-ball, WHATEVER…I just know that Jeanette Lee kicks some serious ass) when Queen B told that the corner hole part is called the “corner”…something….I decided I was going to refer to it as the “corner pocket” and so then logically, the ones on the sides became the “corner pockets”! 

Yes.  This is the “logic” that my friends have to deal with from me all. the. time.

Don’t I just sound like fun?  😉


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don’t they make stuff to fix scratched in expensive-as-hell tables?

Comment by rhiannon

*scratches* that is

(damn it, word press is yelling at me for posting comments to quickly, but it’s not my fault that i type quickly, and obviously make mistakes as a result!)

Comment by rhiannon

They make these little brown crayon type things that just color in the scratches. ARGH!!!

Comment by barnmouse

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