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Results Not Typical
January 26, 2008, 9:47 pm
Filed under: drop the cupcake and no one gets hurt, it was all his fault

Is it just me, or would anyone else like to see a commercial for Nutrisystem or any other diet system that shows people who have lost weight with their “former” picture beside them to show everyone how much weight they’ve lost WITHOUT the words “RESULTS NOT TYPICAL” in small print?  What do you think would happen if they showed actual people who used the systems and lost a TYPICAL amount of weight?  I don’t know.  I think I might be MORE likely to consider it as opposed to one of the other ones with “RESULTS NOT TYPICAL” plastered all over the place. 

I’m still not crazy about the nutrisystem commercials though.

“Mah huuuzband….he thanks I’m HAAWT!”

OMG.  I mean damn.  I’m from the country, but Lordy that’s a bad accent!

**side note, Rat just uttered the words “We should build a catapult”.  Whaaa?  I gave him a look and then he says “What?  It’d be fun!”  If y’all stop hearing from me without notice, I’ve probably been flung two counties over and can’t find my way back.  (or my %$#*ing computer crashed again.)


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“My husband calls me his trophy wife”.

uh huh. LOL

Great post!

Comment by Attila the Mom

Oh my god that catapult thing made me laugh out loud!!!

I hate that “results not typical” shit too. Hello, how am I supposed to get motived over not typical results?

Comment by Sarah

how bout my huzzband calls meeee his trooophy wife?

my thought is, gee, when is he going to cut off your head and mount it on the wall… trophy enough for you…

he he!

Comment by jill

OMG. I can’t believe I forgot about the “trophy wife” chick. I just can’t believe that she thinks that’s a good thing. It’s like saying “My husband, he thinks I’m an idiot that’s good for nothing but looking pretty…but hey! At least I look pretty! Right?”. LOL

Comment by barnmouse

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