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Letters To Gym People…The Forgotten Edition
January 27, 2008, 11:23 pm
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I started doing this awhile back when we joined our gym and I started “people watching’ there.  Sadly enough, I have not see “guy who jogs on treadmill in his socks” again.  But lucky for me, there has not been a shortage of strange people.

To the guy running on the treadmill 3 machines down from mine,

Thank you!  I feel like I should send you a note.  I was about to give up on jogging for 10 minutes when you got on the treadmill and started running in the same rhythm that I was.  You have no idea how much that helped!  Now I know why I always see people walking and running in pairs on the sidewalk!

Thanks again, mouse…the sweaty, kinda short girl with the hat on.

To the guy who bathed in Jerry Curl,

*cough* *wheeze* *gag*

*gasp*, mouse….the girl who couldn’t breath when you got on the treadmill beside her

To the guy in the school-bus-yellow sweatpants and black sweatshirt,

My eyes! 

Really.  Please try to pick pants and a sweatshirt that don’t cause temporary blindness.  And no stripes!!!

Also…5 minutes of iPod surfing before getting on the treadmill, 5 more minutes of iPod surfing after getting on the treadmill, and then yet 5 MORE minutes or iPod surfing once you turned the treadmill on, but then kept standing on the sides letting the belt run without walking on it?!  What was that?!  That’s 15 minutes you could have been exercising.  Couldn’t you have been walking while searching for whatever song you REALLY, REALLY needed to hear?

Just a thought, mouse….the distracted girl on the treadmill beside you


I’m sure there’s more.  I’ve written tons of these while on the treadmill, but then once I get home I forget about them.  Except the lady in her 60’s on the stairmaster who apparently forgot to put on her sports bra underneath that skimpy tank top.  Ewwww.  Yeah lady, everyone was looking, but not for the reasons you wanted them to. *shudder*

That’s all for now folks!


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At the rec center in waynesville there is a guy who walks on the treadmill while playing an electric guitar (unplugged, of course). it’s pretty funny.

Comment by rhiannon

LOL That’s hysterical! When I saw the guy with no shoes on, I tried to figure out how to discretely take a picture with my phone, but just couldn’t do it without risking getting caught! Well…that, and I’m a wuss. 😉

Comment by barnmouse

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