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I’m writing this from my parent’s house on an unfamiliar keyboard in the dark and I’m not doin’ so good on it.  So I’ll make this quick.

Pie Update:  It was EXCELLENT!!!  Everyone said so, so it wasn’t just me.  Hee.  And “everyone” includes my parents, Rat, and two other friends (and of course, me!).  So it’s confirmed.  Pie = Good

We celebrated my mom’s birthday today by dinner at the Outback, which was great (I can’t get enough of those damn onions!!!) except that they sat us in this booth/table that was up against a wall and so I had a wall two inches from my right and Rat two inches from my left, which made it damn near impossible for me to cut my steak!  Next time I’m sitting on the outside! 😛

Well, I’m going to cut this short since I keep having to go back and correct my spelling and then accidentally hitting the enter key or the / key and then having to fix that.  It’s getting late anyway and the “early bird” (my dad) has already gone to bed.  The office is right beside my parent’s bedroom (it actually used to be my old room) and I’m pretty sure he can hear my typing and cussing as I hit the wrong key!

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Was there ever any doubt that pie = good? 😀

Comment by Solomon Broad

I miss the Outback that was here. We have to drive to another town to go to Outback. It is over an hour away and we still sometimes go, because I LOVE their cheese fries.

Comment by mostprepossessing

Onions = YUCK
But I do love me some outback!

Comment by Sarah

outback is yummy. we love the aussie cheese fries, take that back . LOVED. until we saw in Men’s health magazine that it has 3000 in it. And my hubby and I have eaten it together before dinner. yikes. we’ve also just eaten ‘some’ of it before dinner and some later, but still. OMG!!!

Comment by jill

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