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Things on the Road Thursday: Easy Peasy
February 7, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Thank goodness it’s Thursday.  I’m sicker than a dog ever thought about being over here.  And other than having to write about how absolutely awful I feel and the nausea and the cramps and the…well…never mind.

So this week’s Things on the Road Thursday is your favorite part of your car.  “My car?” I hear you ask.  “I thought this was Things on the ROAD.” I hear you ask again.  Well what’s on the road?  Your car, of course!

My very favorite part of my Jeep Liberty is:


My door handle. Yes.  I know.  I know!  It’s a silly thing to love so much.  But it’s great!  And even better, every time I drive my mom around she can’t find the door handle to get out.  It’s hilarious. 

I’ve seen pictures of the interior on the new Liberties (OMG SO MUCH AWESUM!) and they have done away with my precious door handles.  The bastards.

So what’s your favorite part of your car?  Did you play?

And also, since I am sick and whiney and there’s no one else here to complain to…

My kitty slippers, let me show you them:


Kitty slippers say “Please, make her stop talking to us!”


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Woo! I’m so glad you posted this! I was on my way to rite-aid a little while ago and thinking “when I get home, I need to take pictures for things on the road thursday.” But then I got home and forgot. Anyhow, I have two contributions… hope you don’t mind!

Comment by rhiannon

damn, my HTML didn’t work right. anyhow, here are the links to them

dashboard buddha

Comment by rhiannon

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