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Clearance Racks Have Extra Gravitational Pull
February 9, 2008, 6:47 pm
Filed under: whineyness

Absolutely nothing interesting happened to me today.  I did, however, leave the house!  Unlike the last few days. 

I may have mentioned (twelve times or so) that I’m going to a baby shower later in the month.  I realized a few days ago that uh oh, the sweater I was planning to wear doesn’t go with black pants.  Crap.  So I ventured out to Old Navy today because I’m addicted to their store I needed to look presentable without looking like I’m 45.  I only wish I had found our Old Navy store years ago before I built up the large collection of clothes that just aren’t me.

Anyway, I went to Old Navy for a sweater.  I walked out with 2 t-shirts that were on clearance (y’all, I can’t pass up a clearance on soft t-shirts), a pretty little short sleeve top for spring or summer (I have no comment on this other than it was on sale and it’s pretty), a pair of pants (also on sale! and yes, I was planning on wearing black pants, hence the need to go to the store in the first damn place, and no, these pants are not black, but they are neat and well….so there.), a nightgown (do I have to say it?  on sale!  Also, pretty pink!  And not all weird and old like my other ones!), and a top to go with the pants to wear to the baby shower (not on sale! omg).  The top, I love.  It’s this pretty kind of burgundy color with a big scoop neck but a ribbon-tie thing on the back.  I don’t know how to describe it, but I’ve seen them before and have always liked them. 

So I get home, and something happened that has absolutely never happened before.  Everything FIT and I actually LOVED everything!  The burgundy top was the last thing I tried on (with the pants) and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  Turns out, I didn’t pay attention to the actual shirt I bought, I just looked for my size and grabbed the hanger and off I went.  The damn ribbon/tie thingy was tied together and hanging off one side.  Crap.

I had the absolute worst time getting out of that damn shopping center.  I think it was “old person who found the keys to their kid’s car” day, because I’m pretty sure at least all most several of those people were NOT supposed to be behind the wheel of a car.

So I didn’t go back.  I mean, I’m going to.  But I didn’t.  I do not sew.  I mean, we have a needle and some thread, but other than that, I’m pretty much clueless as to what to do with them.  I probably won’t go back tomorrow either.  These two shopping centers that we have here (one a mall, the other a huge “strip mall” of sorts, but it’s actually got three sides) are about a mile away from each other so that section of town gets incredibly busy on the weekends.  We try to avoid it at all costs.  I’m not sure what happened to me today, but I just decided that I’d go brave the crowds and the stupid people  That won’t be happening again for a long time.

I told you I didn’t do anything today.


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