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Lately I think I’ve run out of interesting or the-least-bit funny stories or things to write about.  Like, the last four months or so.  Give or take a month.  Yes.  The bar, while already set fairly low, somehow ended up on the floor among the dust bunnies and the dog-hair tumbleweeds where it was kicked around and jumped over and I think maybe I tripped over it once.

Now that it’s the beginning of a new year (okay, 16 days late, but who’s counting?) and I’m going to attempt to pick the bar up off the ground and set it at a moderate level.  Hopefully, I will occasionally make it over the bar instead of landing flat on my face as I am want to do.  But be prepared to watch me fall on my face, most likely time and time again.  I hope to eventually get so good at jumping over the bar that I can do it in heels without messing up my hair or smearing my lipstick.  *note to self: start wearing lipstick*

So on to the New Year’s Resolutions that I promised…um…let’s just say “earlier” and leave it at that.

New Year’s Resolution #1 (or “numero uno” as I like to refer to it)  To be able to jog/run for 10 minutes without stopping.  This resolution includes several things I’d like to accomplish and become a part of my daily life and who I am, all in one, seemingly obtainable goal.  They include, but are probably not limited to: 1)keeping my back in good shape seeing as how I just got it back into working order with the help of a brilliant physical therapist.  It’s kept me from doing way too many things over the 10 years that I have apparently had a twisted, tilted pelvis and “ass bone” (because I can’t remember what that’s called), and several lower vertebrates were trying to pretend that they were one and would not move independently of each other.  I can now move, lay down flat, and sit without pain and without my bones jarring together when I jog!  2) The ever popular “get into shape” resolution, which has always been a part of my resolutions, but with such a bad back, I was limited in which exercises and how much I could do.  I know I’ll probably never be a size 2, but I can definitely be healthier and less face it, more svelte (look at me with the fancy words!) than I am now.  I would love to feel more confident in my own skin and hopefully the jogging/running will help accomplish that.  3) I love the outdoors.  I hope that when I can increase my jogging speed and time (from the 4 miles and hour for 8 minutes I’m at right now) to be able to just bolt out my front door and run along some of the fantastic trails we have around here.  That’s  one of the “lifestyle” things I was talking about.  There are more of these things, but I think this is enough explanation for one resolution.

New Year’s Resolution #2 – Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.  Obviously this goes along with the first resolution, so not too much explaining is needed here.

New Year’s Resolution #3 – Do my back and neck stretches and exercises at least 3 times a week.  In order to keep my back/pelvis/ass bone/blah blah blah in shape and to get the muscles around that area stronger so that I don’t end up on the couch for days at a time again, my physical therapist gave me *sigh* a LOT of exercises to do (some on a yoga ball!  Yay!  Fun!), one of which, I hate.  I really do.  I HATE this exercise.  I really like a few of them and am pretty neutral on the rest.  Anyway, I need to do them.  I know I need to do them.  But still I put it off.  Also, my neck and shoulders have been getting really sore and stiff lately, so she gave me some stretches that will help with that.  So I need to do them.  Or they will not help.  I’m hoping that by putting this out there that it will push me to do them.  *fingers crossed*

New Year’s Resolution #4 – Finish the baby blanket I’m making for a friend of mine.  I still have a hard time believing that I have friends that I went to preschool/kindergarten on up with that have kids and are having kids.  I mean, yes, I’m 26.  I know that in my head, but in my well…in another part of my head, I think I’m still 16 or so.  A very good friend of mine already has two…TWO kids and now, my very bestest friend from kindergarten or so on to high school is having a baby.  So, even though we definitely drifted apart and even kind of disliked each other for awhile there after a misunderstanding or whatever, we kind of reconnected a few years ago, so now that I know more than one dang crochet stitch (okay, okay….I know three) I’m making her a baby blanket.  I started it long enough ago that I should have finished four of them by now, but I’m still working on it.  I’m hoping to have it done before the child is in school.  Hee.

New Year’s Resolution #5 (I know, this is getting long) – Try a new dog treat recipe at least once a month.  This would obviously be for the benefit of Canine Confections (my dog treat business I’m trying to get started).  I should probably like, you know, try to sell them or something too.  Hmm. 

New Year’s Resolution #6 (or as this one is known “Enough damn resolutions already!) – Blog every day of 2008!!!  And not just blog.  Blog well!  Blog interesting!  Blog funny!  Blog stuff people other than my mom would want to read!!  And every day too!  Running and exercises are going to be cheese next to this.

So there you have it.  My new year’s resolutions for 2008.  Did you make any?  How about last year?  How did they turn out?  Speak up Dudes!  I’m all stuffed up and sick and trying not to sneeze out a lung and also boooooorrrrrrrrrred.  So I’m interested!  Really!  (in all honesty, I’m interested in all the comments you leave.  I’m like a little kid waiting for the ice cream van.  Empty email is so very depressing.  Especially when you’re sick and have nothing better to do than check my inbox every 30 seconds.)


Finally, very nearly, almost, kinda back to Normal
November 5, 2007, 11:09 pm
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I finally got around to making some dog treats that I promised to my bloggin’ buddy (that I promised like…uh…last week? maybe? sometime? I don’t remember). Well, come to think of it, I promised them to her dog, not her. Although…a few people who have tried the treats say they’re pretty darn tasty!

Anywho, I baked the treats (since she’s got an itty bitty dog I had to bake itty bitty treats, but lucky for me “itty bitty” is one of the sizes that my treats come in! Other sizes include “Dogzilla” for those “Shadow-sized dogs” and “Regular” because I couldn’t come up with anything clever for that one) and I just finished adding the final “carob touch” to make them extra cute!

I haven’t taken any pictures of them yet, I have to sort through and find the cutest ones, which is going to be hard to do because they’re all pretty gosh darn cute! I’ll add some pictures tomorrow (just so I can get two posts out of it, I mean uh, not so I can get two posts out of it but because my back hurts and the camera is waaaay over there and the treats are in the kitchen….yeah).

So anyway! I’m going “home” (my hometown) on Wednesday to visit The Granny, and The Parents and possibly eat some of The Ham (okay, that one didn’t have to be capitalized, but whatever, just go with it). For some reason I still call my hometown “home” even though my real home is here, where I am now. And the ham? I mean The Ham? Yum! My mom makes THE BEST ham, EVAH! I’m hoping that my dad leaves me a little for Wednesday. Seriously Dad, PLEASE!

Hmm. I guess that is all for now.

P.S. Someone please make me stop eating all the leftover Halloween candy! My jeans are begging you.


It’s been a very long weekend.

Some of you might have noticed that a big ol’ picture of dog treats showed up a few days ago without warning. LOL

I posted it to the wrong site.

Sorry ’bout that!


Rat and I have been ripping up old nasty light blue carpet (did I mention it’s 20 years old?) and padding, screwing down the floor so that all the seventy frillion squeaks go away, and putting in the new, pretty, clean, not 20-year-old flooring, all day yesterday and today.

I actually noticed that I posted the dog treats to the wrong site a little while after I did it, but just didn’t have the energy to fix it!

I’m case any of y’all have dogs and were enthralled by the treats, here’s the deal. I make them! By hand! They are all natural, healthy, human grade food treats (with extra love) and dogs just go nutty over them. (Shadow included, and he’s very persnickity) I had a site for the treats, but decided I needed a shiny new one, so here is the link if anyone’s interested:

Canine Confections

I would remove the accidental post, but eh…I’m still tired….I’m going to bed. *yawn*

Oh, and now that my oven is fixed (yes my oven AND my AC were broken at the same time. and yes, it was fantastic. and yes, that would be sarcasm) I can actually bake the treats again! Soooo….what are you waiting for?! Go check it out! Now! Yes! Seriously, now!

Muddy Paws
September 1, 2007, 7:18 pm
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052506_00181 052506_00191

These are the two different sizes I make of the Muddy Paws. The larger sized treats are perfect for the ?bigger than your average dog? who has always had to settle for ?normal? dog treats and never get several bites out of one treat until you give them 3 or 4 of the average treat at once. The smaller ones aren?t exactly small, but are still great for every size of dog. The treats are a somewhat soft (can be broken apart without much effort) peanut butter based treat with carob (a chocolate substitute) painted on the ?toes? to create the ?muddy? look. These are muddy paws that won?t leave you scrubbing your kitchen floor or steam cleaning your carpet!

Each Muddy Paw may vary just slightly due to their handmade nature, and the fact that carob is not the easiest thing to work with. But I do it for YOU!

Regular size batch = about 35 treats.
Dogzilla size batch = about 12 treats.

Teeny Tiny sizes coming soon!

*Please keep in mind that both sizes are made from the same recipe, the only difference is in size. Weight is the same.

Y’all Kick Some Butt, I’llTell You Whut!
April 29, 2007, 2:30 am
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Y’all really are great. It’s only been a few days and we’ve already reached a milestone in our “Pet Project”! $50 bucks! To commemorate this momentus occasion (look at me with all the big words!), I’ve created the “Skeeter Meter” to show our progress for this cute little (well, not little really) kitty named Skeeter. I’ve placed it over on the sidebar to your left so y’all can keep up with our progress too, as he will be our “Carolina Canine Confections” pet project kitty.

If y’all haven’t noticed, I’ve also tweaked the name a little bit. After I “came out” (haha) with my dog treat business and mentioned the name, 2 other places have opened up with the same name. Ha ha guys. That’s real funny. Let’s see how hard y’all are laughin’ when the Federal Trademark Office calls you up to tell you that “sorry you’re using this name, but it’s been trademarked so you have to rename your company or pay the owners (me) of the real Canine Confections”. The day is fast approaching. Anyway, I just wanted to stand out, and I’m here in North Carolina, so I thought hey, that’ll do.

Also, just to be clear, if you’d ike to order treats or if you’re thinking that you might be interested, I know there are no prices listed. I wasn’t sure how cool Blogger would be with that, so if you’re interested (and let’s face it, you know you are! who wouldn’t be? Look at your doggy’s face…how can you say no to that face?), please just send me an email and I’ll forward you the price list.

Thanks and I hope y’all are having a fantastic weekend!

Canine Confections’ Pet Project
April 26, 2007, 9:32 pm
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To read about how you can help Skeeter get adopted click here.

Skeeter is an overweight, 2 1/2 year old cat who was abandoned, locked in a cat carrier next to a dumpster. Fortunately, he was found and rescued and taken to a local adoption center where he’s been in a cage for about 4 months now. Unfortunately, when people are looking to adopt a cat, the tend to gravitate toward the cute kittens, and not the (very) overweight adult cat who has to be on a diet.

This week and then all of May, all proceeds from the treats will go to help adopt Skeeter. And if that goes well, one month where all proceeds go to help dogs and cats get adopted might become an annual thing.

Canine Confections’ Pet Project
April 26, 2007, 9:07 pm
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Hi y’all. I thought I’d tell you a little bit about Canine Confections’ “Pet Project”.

For the next month, all proceeds from my treats will go to help adopt a kitty. (hee hee. get it? ‘pet project’??) Anyway, the kitty’s name is Skeeter and he’s a 2 1/2 year old gray and white cat. (but I’m sure you got that from “kitty”) Unfortunately, Skeeter weighs about twice what he should and has to be on a special diet, so no one really gives him a second look when they’re looking to adopt a cute little kitten.

Skeeter’s story is a sad one. He was found locked in a cat carrier abandoned next to a dumpster. I can not imagine doing that to an animal! I guess there are just some horrible people out there. Such a sad start for such a sweet kitty.

Okey Dokey. That’s pretty much the jist of the “Pet Project”. I went by the adoption place today and was going to take a picture of his sweet little smooshy face, but instead I decided to forget my camera phone in my car. Oops.

If this “Pet Project” goes well, I’m thinking of possibly making it an annual thing. (raising money to help get abandoned cats and dogs adopted)

So what do y’all think? I’m definitely open to suggestions.