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Oh Yeah…
February 5, 2008, 7:38 pm
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Just a little side note here….

Last week I bought my own domain name! 

*pretending to be cool about it*


*jumping up and down like a totally uncool person*

Unfortunately, I am apparently a LOT more computer illiterate than I thought, so it’s taking me awhile to set everything up.  Good thing I’m married to the Computer Whisperer.  heh.

Anyway, he’s helping me get everything how I want it and when it’s all done, I’ll transfer everything over there and post the new address here.

Don’t get me wrong.  Free hosting places like WordPress and Blogger are great.  To start out with.  I started out with Blogger and then moved over to WordPress and it’s been great.  But it’s gotten to the point where there are SO MANY restrictions and things I can’t do with my blog that I want to do.  So hopefully I will grow a brain sometime between now and when Rat gets so fed up with me saying “duuuhhh….whuuuuut?” with a confused look on my face that he quits helping me.  So I guess between now and tomorrow.  Hee.

On another note, I totally sliced up my finger today while washing the Jeep.  I was cleaning the wheels and stuck the sponge in one of the little holes to clean the brake dust and something inside was very sharp and scratchy and put a two inch cut on the side of my index finger.  On my right hand.  Because of course, I’m right handed. *sigh*  And I didn’t have a bandaid with a 2 inch pad thing, so I had to wrap my finger in gauze and then secure that with a bandaid.  So I might type weird for awhile while I learn how to compensate when my finger falls off.  But hopefully not.

Just thought I’d share my pain.  Rat just keeps saying “poor baby” in an uninterested, monotone voice.  Sympathy, dammit!  I need flowers!  And chocolate!  And an interesting magazine.  Maybe some jewelry.  And a box of cash would make me feel ever so much better.  Anyone need the address?


Just a quickie

I’m writing this from my parent’s house on an unfamiliar keyboard in the dark and I’m not doin’ so good on it.  So I’ll make this quick.

Pie Update:  It was EXCELLENT!!!  Everyone said so, so it wasn’t just me.  Hee.  And “everyone” includes my parents, Rat, and two other friends (and of course, me!).  So it’s confirmed.  Pie = Good

We celebrated my mom’s birthday today by dinner at the Outback, which was great (I can’t get enough of those damn onions!!!) except that they sat us in this booth/table that was up against a wall and so I had a wall two inches from my right and Rat two inches from my left, which made it damn near impossible for me to cut my steak!  Next time I’m sitting on the outside! 😛

Well, I’m going to cut this short since I keep having to go back and correct my spelling and then accidentally hitting the enter key or the / key and then having to fix that.  It’s getting late anyway and the “early bird” (my dad) has already gone to bed.  The office is right beside my parent’s bedroom (it actually used to be my old room) and I’m pretty sure he can hear my typing and cussing as I hit the wrong key!

Real Post? Possibly.

So.  As I might have mentioned in the last 300 or so posts…I’m having computer problems!  But that’s boring!  So let’s talk about something else.

How about how Winston:


Yes, this adorable little kitty here, decided that jumping up on the dining room table (the NUMBER 1 NO NO in this house) to attack Ebenezer:


(who was ALSO not supposed to be up there) would be a fantastic idea.  What he did not factor in was how he tends to get his claws stuck in fabric-y-type things and we have a fabric-y-type table cloth (hence the name) on the table.

That idea resulted in a very long “crashy type” sound to come from the dining room and then the sound of 8 furry little legs trying to scurry away on the hardwood floor.  I managed to get into the dining room before Winston got completely away since he was stuck in the table cloth and drug it and the center piece and my grandmother’s candlesticks and some nice beeswax candles onto the floor.  I have pictures of this.  As evidence for the Animal Control people.  Because I was pretty sure I was going to kill him.

Since I caught him in the act, I chased him up the stairs, and then back down the stairs, and then in the living room, and then into the den where he realized he was caught and had to sit there and take the big, fat “NO!” that was coming to him.

So now the centerpiece looks like it’s been chewed on, one of my candles broke, and there is a big “cat claw” scratch in my EXPENSIVE AS HELL dining room table!  *sob*  But hey, those scratches go great with the ones that my brother-in-law’s kid put in there!  Don’t ask me how mad I am about that.  I mean, it would be one thing if the kid were sitting by herself, but she was sitting on my bil’s LAP!!!  And he let her pick up a knife and just start whacking away at MY TABLE!!!!  NOOOEEESSSS!!!!  NOT MAH PRESHUS TABLE!!!!

On a completely unrelated note, I learned how to crochet a granny square today!  Yay me!  (pictures of that to come too!)  My friend Queen B taught me how and I’ve been making them on and off ever since about 6.  I’ve got 7 of them now!  Then when I’ve got enough, I’ll have to take them back to her to show me how to put them together.  Yeah.  We have to go pretty slowly with me.  Hee.  I don’t know any of the abbreviations (or words really) on patterns, but I do know a few of the stitches (just not what they’re called), so we’ve come up with our own little lingo. 

Since I’ve been watching a lot of pool on tv lately (oh fine, billiards, 9-ball, WHATEVER…I just know that Jeanette Lee kicks some serious ass) when Queen B told that the corner hole part is called the “corner”…something….I decided I was going to refer to it as the “corner pocket” and so then logically, the ones on the sides became the “corner pockets”! 

Yes.  This is the “logic” that my friends have to deal with from me all. the. time.

Don’t I just sound like fun?  😉

January 23, 2008, 11:30 pm
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Hello second post of the hour! Actually, second post of 10 minutes!

I have really nothing interesting to write here, but I’m trying not to bomb out of the Blog 365 thing before the end of January. *sigh*

My computer does not seem to want me to accomplish that.

Anyone else desperately want a Mac? Yeah. Me too.

Still haven’t installed my picture software for my digital camera. I did find it though! Score one for me.

Just think of this post as a place holder for a much better one that may or may not show up….ever.

Well Hello There!
January 22, 2008, 11:23 pm
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I’m back! Finally!

After reinstalling Windows, and then re-reinstalling Windows, and then re-re-reinstalling Windows (can you see where I’m going with this?) I’m finally back to being able to use my computer for more than a paper weight or an oddly shaped frisbee. For now.

Luckily, the Blog 365 rules are more lenient and allow me to post date this. I had a post all written up when my computer had another stroke a few days ago, but alas, since I’m using Windows Live Writer, it was gone. *sigh*

On to write two more posts! 🙂

What is Less Than Nothing? Negative Nothing?
January 21, 2008, 11:54 pm
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Then that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few hours.  Negative nothing.  Nothing minus at least 7.

Since about 9 I’ve been looking at the clock every 30 minutes or so thinking I should probably write something….. or Hmm…probably time to start thinking of something to write…. and most recently Uh….twenty minutes left…AGAIN….JUST THINK OF SOMETHING DAMMIT!!!

I’ve been reading blogs.  And using Google Reader’s “suggestions” thing to find new ones.  I think I’ve found several really good ones and a few others I’m not too sure about yet, but hopefully will work out.  Before, I had what I considered to be a good list of blogs in my little Google Reader thingamajig, but lately, I seem to be going through the day’s posts too quickly.  Then I end up hitting refresh….Refresh…..REFRESH!!!  DAMMIT SOMEONE POST SOMETHING!!!  HALP!  AM BORED!  NEED ENTURTAINMENTZ!!!

Anyway.  Look for some new links sometime soon over under my “Little Bits of Bloggy Goodness” category on the left.  And if your blog isn’t there?  Well why the hell not?  Because I’m a slacker, that’s why.  If you think your blog meets “Bloggy Goodness” requirements and you’d like it to be over there, leave a comment and I’ll add ya’ to my list.  I’m nice like that.

I will eventually have tons more pictures to post, but that would require me to reinstall my picture software stuff and as I mentioned only moments ago….I’m a slacker.  Queen slacker.  Lady Slacker von Slackerton of Slackerhamburgshire.  That’s me.  So as soon as I remember where the software IS, I will install it.  Unless something else comes up.  Like laundry.  Or lunch.  Or something shiny.

January 10, 2008, 1:25 pm
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Yesterday I mentioned that Live Writer couldn’t use my blog style for some reason….and today? Voila! It magically works!

Don’t you hate that? You mention to a friend or someone that you can’t figure something out or can’t remember something and then as soon as the words leave your lips you remember or figure it out. That happens to me constantly!!!

Completely changing the subject….

Has anyone else ever heard the phrase “That went over like a lead balloon”? I had never heard that before and then within the last month or so I’ve heard it about 10 times!

Sorry, my thoughts are just all over the place today. My head is still pounding. I’m all completely achy, especially in my shoulders and neck. And I can’t figure out if I’m really cold or really hot. Right now, I’m thinking cold, but check back with me in about 3 minutes because I’m sure it will have changed.

Hopefully this cold or whatever will go away soon so I can get back to thinking straight! At this point, I think of great, hysterical, intelligent posts at night while I’m trying to go to sleep, but then I can’t remember any of them when I wake up.


I’m off to try and fix my music. Hope everyone has a great day!  Oh!  And also, this is apparently National Delurking Day!  I know a few of you out there who read this but have never commented!  C’mooooon….c’mooooooooooonnnn….you know you want to! 😉