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Oh Yeah…
February 5, 2008, 7:38 pm
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Just a little side note here….

Last week I bought my own domain name! 

*pretending to be cool about it*


*jumping up and down like a totally uncool person*

Unfortunately, I am apparently a LOT more computer illiterate than I thought, so it’s taking me awhile to set everything up.  Good thing I’m married to the Computer Whisperer.  heh.

Anyway, he’s helping me get everything how I want it and when it’s all done, I’ll transfer everything over there and post the new address here.

Don’t get me wrong.  Free hosting places like WordPress and Blogger are great.  To start out with.  I started out with Blogger and then moved over to WordPress and it’s been great.  But it’s gotten to the point where there are SO MANY restrictions and things I can’t do with my blog that I want to do.  So hopefully I will grow a brain sometime between now and when Rat gets so fed up with me saying “duuuhhh….whuuuuut?” with a confused look on my face that he quits helping me.  So I guess between now and tomorrow.  Hee.

On another note, I totally sliced up my finger today while washing the Jeep.  I was cleaning the wheels and stuck the sponge in one of the little holes to clean the brake dust and something inside was very sharp and scratchy and put a two inch cut on the side of my index finger.  On my right hand.  Because of course, I’m right handed. *sigh*  And I didn’t have a bandaid with a 2 inch pad thing, so I had to wrap my finger in gauze and then secure that with a bandaid.  So I might type weird for awhile while I learn how to compensate when my finger falls off.  But hopefully not.

Just thought I’d share my pain.  Rat just keeps saying “poor baby” in an uninterested, monotone voice.  Sympathy, dammit!  I need flowers!  And chocolate!  And an interesting magazine.  Maybe some jewelry.  And a box of cash would make me feel ever so much better.  Anyone need the address?


Results Not Typical
January 26, 2008, 9:47 pm
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Is it just me, or would anyone else like to see a commercial for Nutrisystem or any other diet system that shows people who have lost weight with their “former” picture beside them to show everyone how much weight they’ve lost WITHOUT the words “RESULTS NOT TYPICAL” in small print?  What do you think would happen if they showed actual people who used the systems and lost a TYPICAL amount of weight?  I don’t know.  I think I might be MORE likely to consider it as opposed to one of the other ones with “RESULTS NOT TYPICAL” plastered all over the place. 

I’m still not crazy about the nutrisystem commercials though.

“Mah huuuzband….he thanks I’m HAAWT!”

OMG.  I mean damn.  I’m from the country, but Lordy that’s a bad accent!

**side note, Rat just uttered the words “We should build a catapult”.  Whaaa?  I gave him a look and then he says “What?  It’d be fun!”  If y’all stop hearing from me without notice, I’ve probably been flung two counties over and can’t find my way back.  (or my %$#*ing computer crashed again.)


…so I can go ahead and beat myself in the head and just get this over with.

No, my headache/cold/possession/whatever has not gone away yet.

On the plus side, I think I have most of my stuff off of my old hard drive and on to my new one. I’m in the process now of putting all the other stuff back on my laptop, such as Live Writer. Now, I’ve installed this thing no less than 3 times and all of those it’s had no problem finding the theme of my blog. Suddenly, it can’t find it or whatever! Grr! What the hell? Nothing’s changed. I hate when stuff like that happens. Has anyone else had this problem? Probably not. *sigh*

But again! The plus side!!!








Yes! My pictures! I have them! Well…most of them! But the important ones! (not the ones I posted…the ones of my Granny and Great Aunt, etc…) Yay! Now if only this damn cold would go away.

January 7, 2008, 11:25 pm
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So. Still having computer problems over here. *sigh*

Also having an “eyelash-in-my-eye” problem. Ugh.

We had to start from scratch on my laptop. Thankfully Rat is also a little pack rat like me and he had an extra hard drive. So he put that in my laptop and basically it’s like it was when we bought it. Unfortunately, all my pictures, music, etc is on my old CRAP hard drive and getting it from one to the other has posed some major problems. Rat has been working on it for DAYS now. Which is really unusual. He normally has computer problems (even my mom’s computer problems 100 miles away) solved within an hour or so. It’s really been frustrating him, and I feel bad that he’s got to spend all this time working on my computer. Of course, I would feel worse if the problem had turned out to be my fault (like he kept saying it was in the beginning!!!).

According to Rat, I’ve lost a few pictures and a few songs, but we don’t know which ones they are at this point. He told me that my laptop was “ready for use” today, but I’d have to umm…do something first, but I’m really not all that computer savvy and have no idea what he was talking about and I’m pretty sure I’d just screw it up if I just started messing with it. And I don’t need two screwed up hard drives.

Also, I think I’m getting sick.


I’m all achy and have woken up with a migraine for the past 3 days. They’ve been going away after a few hours, but today it’s stuck with me. So this is pretty much all the time I can spend staring at a computer screen. Thank God I know where all the keys are.


Yes, I know. That sounded dirty. I should change it but, meh. It’s late. I’m tired. And lazy. Bah.

So Rat and I had dinner with Super Model and soon-to-be Mr Super Model tonight and then played dominos. Now I don’t know about you, but when I think about dominos, I think of…well….pizza. But after that, I think of old men sitting in a park all day playing dominos because there’s nothing better to do. It was actually a whole lot more fun than I thought it would be! 🙂 Even though I ended up in third place with about 250 points (points are bad). Soon-to-be Mr Super Model won with about 185 points (but we all knew that was going to happen! He was the only one out of the four of us who had ever played before!), then it was Rat (who normally wins things) with 205 points, then me with about 250 (I totally got screwed by those stupid little tiles a few times!), and then…*sigh*…there was Super Model. With about 520 points. Man. The tiles just did not like her tonight! I think it was just because they didn’t know her, because once you get to know her, you just can’t help but lover her! 🙂

Anyway. No. It’s not dominos that is tickling my fancy right now. It’s this…

Oh….and this….

Seriously. I have no idea what is it about the little maid lady that cracks me up, but damn if I don’t end up laughing my ass off every time!

Maybe I’ll actually get around to posting about New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow. I keep meaning to. One of mine (actually the first one!) is to jog or run for 10 minutes (yes! in a row!). Since my physical therapist gave me the “all clear” to start jogging for a minute and then seeing how it goes and then increasing that minutes by a little bit each time, I’ve been testing myself a little bit with the jogging on the treadmill at the gym. I swear, those things make me feel like a hamster on one of those wheel things! Anyway, I did a minute about a week ago. Then the next time I did two minutes! Yay me!!! Y’all have no idea how proud I am of myself. For someone who hasn’t been able to jog, even across a parking lot, for 10 years, 2 minutes is a HUUUGE accomplishment. Until today. When I jogged for 6 MINUTES!!! WITHOUT STOPPING!!! AND NO ONE BUT ME SEEMS TO CARE!!! I take that back, I haven’t told my mom yet. She’ll be very happy. I kept hearing her voice in my head pushing me on while I was jogging. And it worked! I pictured my dad saying “GREAT!” like he does (sounds kinda like Tony the Tiger! GRRRRRREAT!) and I pictured my Granny calling me “Dah-lin'” like she does. And wouldn’t you know it? I was planning on stopping at 4 minutes, and then 5 minutes, but my imaginary cheering section helped me get to 6!

Okay….enough about that. I’m sure no one cares. Unless my mom is reading this! Then Ha! Someone DOES care! 😛

Anyway….tomorrow….resolutions….maybe??? Do y’all have resolutions? I think people are pretty divided on that. Either they make resolutions every year or not at all. So do you? (I think you know my answer!)


Up until about an hour ago, Rat was certain that my laptop was toast. After days of blaming me for whatever happened (what did you DOOOOO???) he finally admitted that it looked that my hard drive was absolutely shot. (nice…two years old and it’s already crap…you hear that Compaq???) On the way home from one of his classes tonight he said “I was reading today about [insert random-sounding computer speak here] and some guys think I should try it on your laptop” which lead me to say “you mean there might be a chance that I could have my stuff back???” and then we went back and forth about how I shouldn’t get my hopes up but I want to get my hopes up but it’s better to not hope for it because there’s such a slim chance but a slim chance is still a chance. Obviously I just wanted some sliver of hope to hang on to that I could have all the pictures of my Granny and my Great Aunt who turned 98 last month and all of Rat’s TaeKwonDo pictures and pictures of a dog that is no longer with us and ALLLLL of my music which came from so many places over the last decade (iTunes, CD’s I don’t even have anymore, downloads from when it was still legal to do that, etc etc etc….), pictures of Rat’s mother who died last year, and on and on and ON! Oh Noes! I lost mah eSheep!!! NOOOO!!!1!!

Anyway, he tried (whatever it was) and he could actually SEE some files! Like my music file! (minus the songs I bought from iTunes…money well spent…ha ha) So maybe…just MAAAAYBE I can recover some stuff! Yippeee!!!!

I’ve had a crappy couple of days and just that hope that I can have my stuff back makes my mood so much better.

So I had a post all written up about how much laptop was dead and all my stuff was gone forever, and then lo! The Computer Whisperer strikes again! And it was GOOD! */preacher voice* So that’s why this is posted late. Or at least my excuse as to why. Hee.

I hope 2008 is treating y’all better than it’s been treating me so far!


And then the loud bang you heard afterward was me throwing it out the window.


Anyway, so I just finished installing a bunch of crap on my poor, old, ancient PC that I use pretty much just for writing (not that I’ve been getting a lot of that done in…oh…the last year or so) and that I really didn’t want to use for anything else.  But oh well.  I gotta blog!  Right?

Oh the plus side, I have an ergonomic keyboard up here (my office is upstairs, so when I say “up here” it’s because I usually blog from my laptop downstairs) and that’s nice.  I love my keyboard.  Lots of people have seen it and they either say one of two things.  Either “OMG how do you type on that thing?” or “OMG I looove those!!”.  I am of the latter group.  A friend of mine from waaaay back had one and when I would go over to her house, we would play on her computer and I got so used to her keyboard (it didn’t take much for me to become attached to it) I could barely use the one we had at my house!  So I begged and begged my parents for one for Christmas and lo and behold, Santa heard me! 😉  I loved it so much that when I moved out of the house, I got them another keyboard and took mine with me!  HA!

Wow.  How boring am I talking about a keyboard?

*crickets chirping*

Anyway, nothing incredibly interesting has happened to me since last I posted yesterday.  Of course, I was asleep (or at least trying to sleep) for most of the time.

I finally  took my friend’s Christmas presents to her yesterday.  Rat’s head is going to split wide open if I don’t take the Christmas tree down soon, and I have a strict “No Tree Shall Be Taken Down Whilst There Are Still Presents Under It” rule.  (hee hee…I said “whilst”)  And hers and another friend of mine were the last people with presents under the tree, so I went ahead and took hers to her.  She taught me how to crochet many, many (okay, not THAT many) years ago and now she’s taught another friend of ours (I’m going to have to come up with names for these people….”a friend of a friend of a friend” is going to get confusing) and we’re going to start our own little group where we get together and bring our “yarn projects” that we’re working on and some snacks and stuff and just have a blast!  It started to feel a little too “old lady” so I thought we needed a “cool, hip, and groovy” name for it so, of course, I turned to you, dear internet!  And of course I was rewarded for my brilliance!  Someone suggested something along the lines of “Stitch and Bitch” and from that my friend (friend #1) and I got “Stitches and Bitches”.  So that’s our little club.  We haven’t gotten together yet, but I’m going back to see her today (and friend #2) and we’re going to discus when we’re going to get together.

I know.  I told you nothing really happened.  So get ready for another 362 more days of THIS!  Woo!  I know y’all can’t wait!  Hee!  I will try to do at least a few interesting things this year…just for you!

Tomorrow I’m thinking of talking about resolutions.  Or how Rat is mad at me because I threw my laptop out the window.  So we’ll just have to wait and see if he can fix it.  I don’t really have any doubts.  After all, he is the Computer Whisperer!