Barnmouse Blitherings


…so I can go ahead and beat myself in the head and just get this over with.

No, my headache/cold/possession/whatever has not gone away yet.

On the plus side, I think I have most of my stuff off of my old hard drive and on to my new one. I’m in the process now of putting all the other stuff back on my laptop, such as Live Writer. Now, I’ve installed this thing no less than 3 times and all of those it’s had no problem finding the theme of my blog. Suddenly, it can’t find it or whatever! Grr! What the hell? Nothing’s changed. I hate when stuff like that happens. Has anyone else had this problem? Probably not. *sigh*

But again! The plus side!!!








Yes! My pictures! I have them! Well…most of them! But the important ones! (not the ones I posted…the ones of my Granny and Great Aunt, etc…) Yay! Now if only this damn cold would go away.




I hope 2008 is a great year for us all. Lord knows it couldn’t be all that much worse than 2007. But we won’t start the New Year off with all that mess.

I’ve decided to do this whole “Blog 365” thing (hopefully I’ll make it past January 3rd), and I can’t actually see myself blogging every day of 2008, but damned if I’m not going to give it my all. The rules are a bit different than the NaBloblahblah thing, such as if you can’t get to your computer or have to go out of town unexpectedly or anything else happens to pop up, then you can just write a blog entry. Like on paper. Whatever that is. That will be helpful if something happens to pop up and we have to go out of town or if our internet explodes or something.

And now that I have my ***drum roll please*** iPhone!!!! (OMG I AM NOT KIDDING BUT I’M SAVING THAT FOR A LATER POST SINCE I WILL UNDOUBTEDLY RUN OUT OF THINGS TO WRITE ABOUT IN 2 DAYS) What was I saying? I get distracted by the beauty that is my iPhone. Even just saying the word “iPhone” *dreamy sigh*, I lose my train of thought. Oh, yes. Now that I have my *drool* iPhone, I can blog from anywhere I can get online! I know! It’s magic! Or something. Whatever it is, it’s beyond me.

So anyway, some of my posts will probably be pretty darn short, or cute pictures of the cats or dog, or maybe a Family Guy clip from You Tube (because God knows, I haven’t had enough milk shot out of my nose lately), but I’ll honestly give it my all to post something every. single. day.

Every. Single. Day.

Prepare to get extremely tired of me.


December 30, 2007, 6:57 pm
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Have I just gone crazy or what?


I think that look means “yes”.

It’s Not What You Think, I Swear!



Okay, this part isn’t about making marshmallows, but stick with me.  We’ll get there shortly.


I’m at the middle stage of making truffles, thanks to my pal Rhiannon!  (So if they don’t turn out right, Rhiannon, I’m sending them all to you! LOL)  Okay, I don’t know what happened to those last few.  I think I just got lazy.  There’s a whole ‘nother plate full of them in the fridge (actually, they’re both in there now) so those last two are like number 66 and 67.  After 50 I got sorta bored.  Anyway, now I just have to wait for them to harden up and then coat them in MORE CHOCOLATE.  Is there anything better?


Also!  I made fudge!  Like I said…MORE CHOCOLATE!  YAY!  This is only the first batch.  The second is still firming up in the pan.  There’s really more there than it looks.  That’s a LARGE rubbermaid box thingy (actually, I think it’s Glad, but really…who cares?).  Oh…and I might have eaten like…one piece….or ten….who’s counting?



First, you put some sugar, corn syrup, and salt into a heavy saucepan and bring it to a boil until it hits 240 degrees F.  Here you can see me bravely burning my hand with hot steam to get a picture for y’all.  Yes.  You are welcome!


I didn’t take a picture of the gelatin, water, and extract because that would be a picture of a big lump and that’s just boring.  Instead, I took a picture of my stand mixer.  Woo!  Once the sugar mixture is up to temp, pour it over the gelatin mixture and mix on high (with the whisk attachment) for 10 minutes.  Be SURE to cover at least the front with plastic wrap because HOT SUGAR WILL BURN OFF YOUR HAND OMG OUCH.  I am speaking from experience….and I just got it on my pinkie!  Youch!


Line a 13 x 9 inch pan (I actually use a sheet pan with high, straight sides because otherwise you end up with really tall marshmallows and they’re kind of hard to eat). Spray the pan WELL with cooking spray.  Now is not the time to be stingy with the spray.


Here is the first picture of the marshmallows in actual marshmallow form.


I had a little brainstorm the night before I made these and decided to cut them into bars instead of squares so that each marshmallow could be 2-3 bites!  These are the things that keep me up at night.  So here’s a picture of them cut into bars.  I know they’re kind of hard to distinguish from each other so….




Hello hand.


Here they are all lined up on wax paper.  I like to go ahead and line them all up so I can make sure they’ll all fit instead of running out of room while I’m in the middle of coating them.


So pick the chocolate you want to coat your marshmallows in (you don’t actually have to coat them.  I’m going to make some peppermint marshmallows in a day or so and right before I pour them out of the pan, I’m going to mix in a few drops of red food coloring to make them all pink and white swirly!  They look great even uncoated!), and melt it over a double boiler (you can do it in the microwave, but I have had mixed results doing that.  I’m using a raspberry dark chocolate by Nestle.  Just too yummy!  And my mom is a raspberry fiend!  😛


Here they are half coated.


And here they are fully coated.  But was I done yet?  Ooooh no.  Not me!  Not yet!


A little white chocolate drizzle and NOW they’re done.  I had to go ahead and put them in the bags so I wouldn’t eat them all.  SO TASTY!

So there you have it!  What I’ve been promising to do for about a week now.  But with pictures!  And that’s better, right?  I’ll post more pictures of the truffles when I get them coated.  Hopefully they will look better then?  Hopefully.



(That’s upside down, torn up wrapping paper he’s sitting on.  Bad kitteh!  I can’t even put ribbons on the presents now because Winston will chew on them and eat them and then come running into whatever room Rat and I are in and act like he’s dying and freak us all out and then hawk up a big chunk of ribbon.)

Blah blah blah cleaning blah blah
November 17, 2007, 11:19 pm
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I didn’t do half of the cleaning that I should have done today. I tried and tried and tried and spent most of my time trying to clean a rug that used to be my grandmother’s that her cat peed on and then my cat peed on. So there’s this one spot that is horrible. The rug is huge (16 x 10) so it’s difficult to clean. I ended up taking it outside and putting it on the deck. Then I broke out my carpet cleaner and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned that one stupid spot, only to find out that my carpet cleaner doesn’t have the suction that it used to and half the water that I put into the rug is still there. And it’s taking forever to dry. And I’m really hoping that it’s not going to rain tonight. *fingers crossed*

But enough on cleaning. I’m tired of cleaning. I’ve already been cleaning for days now.

I’m feeding my friend’s Super Model and Suds cats for a few days while they’re out of town. Their kitties are so cute. They’re brothers. They both eat out of the same bowl and it’s so adorable how they do it. They each have their spots and they know where their bowl is going to go, so they get “into position” before you even put the bowl down. After you put the bowl down, they stick their little heads into it and just munch away. It’s very cute. I’m not used to that. Ebenezer and Winston have to eat at separate ends of the kitchen, and around the bar so they can’t see each other. Or else they think that the other one has better food, so they switch off. But they can’t eat the same food because Ebenezer needs mushy food because of her tooth and Winston has to have dry light hairball control food (for obvious reasons).


Despite doing not a whole lot today, I’m sleepy. I think I’ll go curl up with the kitties.

Jet lag without the jet

So pretty much just “lag”.

I’m up at *checking watch* 1:40 in the morning….again. Well, tonight’s not as bad as yesterday when I was up until about 6. And then got up at 8.

Personally, I blame Rat for this. He had last Wed, Thurs, and Fri off so we’ve been watching movies and stuff until the wee hours of the morning for 5 days. Until last night. When Rat promptly went to bed at 11. And I was left alone and totally awake.

I have a hard enough time falling asleep when I’m in a “routine”. Sometimes I’ll just lay there for 2 or 3 hours. Starring at the ceiling. Or the wall. Or the clock. And I hate that. It drives me crazy. And my bad back doesn’t help things at all since it dictates what side I can sleep on and for how long. So I always end up tossing and turning. And we have a horrible mattress. It’s awful. I hate it sooo much. And I’ve also complained about it soooo much. So much so that Rat kinda gets pissy about it now when I bring it up. So I’m just going to complain about it here from now on. Hee! Lucky you!

So what have I been doing all this time awake you ask? (oh hush, you know you were going to ask) Well yesterday I looked at a lot of boring stuff on the internet. I caught up with my blog reading and some other lists that I’m on and had been ignoring. I watched a lot of Family Guy and King of the Hill. And I’m sure I did other stuff that I don’t remember at the moment.

Tonight, on the other hand, I decided to be productive.



And that’s caramel swirled into the top there. I know it’s not the greatest picture, but it’s freakin’ 2 in the morning and I just finished baking “Caramel Swirl Hunks” from scratch. SCRATCH, people! No mix at all. I’m talking I chopped up chocolate hunks for this. I measured and mixed and folded and blended! And all without waking Rat up.

I don’t know why I have this thing for baking stuff in the wee hours of the night (morning?) but I do. I think I like it because it’s quiet and I’m by myself and I can dance around the kitchen and make funny faces if I want to. Also, I talk to the kitties when they make their appearances in the kitchen to beg for scraps which they don’t get. Winston will usually plop down in the middle of the floor and keep me company for awhile. Once Neezie realizes she’s not getting any meat she rolls her eyes and goes to drool on my dining room chairs.

Winston’s had some sort of bug up his butt tonight though. I’ve been doing everything I can to keep quiet and he’s tearing around the house chasing one of his jingly balls that makes a lot of noise on the hardwood floors.

Though looking around now, I can’t seem to find him….and I don’t hear him either. Although….he does kind of have built-in camouflage.



post # 3486 where I laugh at something only I think is funny.

Okay. Yes, I know, my pictures are not working. And to think I was just going to say how much I was liking this new blog place. Hmph. *crossing arms* I will try to get them to work as soon as possible. *mutters* stupid blog…

 Oooh!  Hey!  They’re working again!  Good blog….gooooooood *pets blog on head*


This is was Shadow’s bowl. It actually held things a lot better before he sat on it.

This is very funny to me.

Let’s make a Mastercard commercial out of it, shall we?

old plastic dog bow = $8, new plastic dog bowl = $8.99, having people at the gym look at you like you’re crazy because you keep giggling because your dog sat on his bowl and broke it? priceless.

I mean, I knew he’s a big boy, but dayum! It broke into 5 pieces. To be completely honest, it already had a crack in the side. But still.

And now for something completely different…well, not really. But I still think it’s funny!


In case that last bit came in a little funny (which it looks like it did. Damn you Photoshop! *shaking fists in air*) it is Ebenezer demanding ham, but really…what else is new?

Oh! And I actually have something for my “Things on the Road Thursday” this week! I know…I’ll wait while y’all recover from the shock.